That strange moment in an anime where you can’t exactly figure out how this particular episode ties in with the rest of the story. Belle’s kidnapping, the removal, and consumption of homunculi hearts ties in with Nines’ plan and yet it feels to me like everything in this story has been connected so far.
The test bombings at the buildings, the diamond, the incendiary devices made by ‘B’ were all leading up to the terrorist attack on the mall. So where does this lead us? I’m not entirely sure, but let’s try to go through the episode and pick out the things that I can see that tie into the overarching narrative.

The first thing is Ichinose finally recognizing the similarities between Nanatsuki and his old partner. He thinks he’s just getting nostalgic because he went to visit his old partners grave, and that could be it but everyone around them notices it as well.
Such as the girl who runs the Vietnamese shop that the crew had a large dinner at on the dime of the boss in the last episode. She was involved in a smuggling operation as a gofer by force before she was saved by Ichinose and his old partner. He was the one who wanted to save her, that’s just the kind of person he was. The same way that he ran in to save anyone he could during the attack on the Airport. Nanatsuki is very much the same kind of person, he even says similar things to him.
The thing that interested me most was the end of the episode though. In which Nanatsuki comes up to Ichinose when he is holding a picture of himself and his old partner and Nanatsuki identifies him as the man who saved him all those years ago.

Ichinose didn’t know. I thought he knew. I REALLY thought he knew.

The second bit of information that actually hit and stuck out to me in the episode is the ‘drone’/mini-dragon that is controlled by the boss. He seems to have some kind of psychic link to it and that’s how it is controlled. He feels what it feels, sees what it sees. It functions a lot different than the way I thought it did and changes a lot of things. If he could feel himself get punched through the mini-dragon, would more severe damage strike him through it? I feel like it’s something to keep in mind in the future.

Last, of all, the scene that sets up where things are going to go from here. A former member of Nine, one thought to be the center of the Airport attack is being shipped back to Japan for his trial after being captured in a foreign country. Knowing that Warlock is out and about and operating, it feels ominous to know an important member is being bought into his sphere of influence.

Honestly, the episode itself wasn’t too much to speak about. The twist with the doctor was a little predictable and Belle was absolutely adorable [like always] and of course. Now I see why she’s called a ninja. The idea of eternal youth from Hommunculi hearts is certainly the most interesting idea to come from this episode and I am very happy that Belle returned to Special 7 safe and sound.
As where things will go from here, who knows? I do want to see a series talk between Ichinose, Nijo and Nanatsuki about what they know about the ‘mysterious man’. My apologies, I know they’ve said his name but I’ve missed it each time and the wiki is less than helpful. Aside from that, I’m just in for the ride! Let’s go!

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  1. MidnightDevont

    Episode 8.5 is a mid-season recap episode and as such I will not be covering it. Coverage will return with episode 9 next Sunday.

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