Assassin’s Pride Episode 10: Labyrinth Library

After I don’t know how many episodes, I think about 8 episodes, we finally get back to what I guess is supposed to be the main plot of the show: Melida and all the nobles hating on her. And I have to ask, why is everyone so much against her? What did she do really? I actually kind of forgot what the big deal is. I know why it’s a big deal with Felgus and the whole Angel household, but why do the other noble families care so much about this?

The show decided to completely ignore all this noble business for the most part until now, and this episode didn’t really explain to us why Melida is such a huge target for everyone. Maybe because they ignored it, or maybe because I kind of don’t care, or maybe because this show absolutely sucks at explaining ANYTHING but I sure wish they would give Melida a break. I don’t know what kind of threat she poses to them. To me they just seem like a bunch of gossipers getting into the business of whether she’s Felgus’ biological child. Salacha’s brother seems to be a highly regarded person and he holds a roundtable with some…people. Mule brings up her mana reading results from that one time and they all find out that Melida doesn’t have mana of a Paladin like all the other Angel members, so everyone goes into a frenzy. Salacha’s brother agrees to Mule’s idea of making a huge show of things to out her. Salacha seems conflicted in all this.

Remind me when they were supposed to become friends where she would care enough. That sleepover episode supposedly doesn’t count because it was a sidestory or something. We never saw the girls interact after the tournament, never saw them introduce themselves, hang out, talk, become close. So Salacha being all worried for Melida doesn’t make a lick of sense here. I also can’t even tell if Mule is supposed to be a friend or not? Again, I’m not sure if I can count the sleepover to be canon since it was a sidestory, but they got along well there. But like I said, we never saw them interact with each other in the main story other than that one time she appeared before Melida randomly. Her actions don’t really make it seem like she’s friendly, but her line at the end makes it seem like they have some sort of relationship. And I’m just sitting here like…what relationship? What’s going on? And it looks like they’re supposed to be important because she and Salacha are in both the OP and ED. But they haven’t exactly done anything. I just…

Whenever the anime mentions anything about the world they live in, I get so interested because it genuinely sounds so fascinating. The girls get told about a Vibria Goat Librarian License Exam, where in this world the there’s a large library under the center of Flandore where it houses millions of books with all kinds of texts. About their world, ancient texts where the sun and moon were still around, etc. It has many levels, and it’s also haunted by ghosts of past librarians. It’s actually a very dangerous job because I imagine the librarians really go out of there way to unearth lots of information, dealing with monsters and such. Later we see the library and it’s pretty gorgeous. We still haven’t learned a single thing about their world, like why they have to live in these lamps/lanterns, and why the outside world is in perpetual darkness other than lightning. It all sounds so fascinating, but they haven’t done anything and it disappoints me greatly. I’d hope maybe we would get something from this library exam, but nope. It’s make Melida miserable time!

So they definitely are making a show of things. A random man in a mask claiming he was Melida’s father appeared before her in school and made a scene, and now Melida and Ellie are in danger in the library when they were forced somewhere in it. I’m guessing in the lower levels, where it’s most dangerous. A letter gets sent to Felgus threatening her death. And Mule and Salacha show up before the girls in the end, but I doubt it’s anything good. Also, Felgus wants to withdraw Melida from school. So, really, everyone is against her. This poor girl just can’t catch a break, can she? I know that pretty much no one liked her in the beginning, but it sure is frustrating.

For the longest time, I had no idea what the show was trying to do or what the main plot was supposed to be anymore. But now it looks like it wants to get back on track with the main plot with all the threats against Melida and her relationship with Kufa. I just wish we weren’t at the end because the damage has already been done to Assassin’s Pride.


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  1. A source LN reader says the anime covered the following books:

    Eps 1-5 covered Vols 1-2.
    Ep 6 covered 1 chapter of the Secret Garden sidestory.
    Eps 7-9 skipped ahead to cover Vol 5.
    Ep 10 and beyond will cover Vol 3.

    That’s probably why you feel a storytelling disjoint.

    Also someone was kind enough to put some extra LN worldbuilding info here; which also explains why some things in their world are so messed up to begin with. Like their classist social order, etc. etc.
    Hope you enjoy it!

  2. I think I understand something about the Melida situation that I didn’t before. Her father is a noble of fairly high standing. If it was revealed that she was an illegitmate child her father would lose his standing in society and much of his authority.

    So there are two factions against her. There is a faction that wants to expose her to bring her father down. Then there is a faction on her father’s side that wants to kill her before she can be exposed as illegitimate.

    I’m still not clear on how the mana classes work. Are they simply differences in power level or is there a qualitative difference?

    Kufu must have some reason for believing that his deception can work. That by sharing his mana with Melida and training her up he can make everyone believe she is legitimate.

    Either that or he was being completely reckless and took a gamble that had a very slim chance of succeeding.

    1. My impression is that Kufa’s been gambling with Melida’s fate ever since he started taking pity on her; partly due to seeing something of his early self in her and partly as independent thinking rebellion against the rigid “orders to the letter” lifestyle of his guild.

      1. As for Kufa, I agree with this. Especially with the end of the recent arc, we can guess that Kufa related to Melida in being persecuted and having the world against them. Kufa did say he and his mother were persecuted by the villagers (for some reason…?) before Blossom took them into the church, so maybe he saw himself in Melida in that moment and decided to help her.

    2. Ahh that makes more sense. I didn’t really think about the family’s social standing, maybe that wasn’t made clear or I don’t really know how noble families work.
      The show hasn’t really explained anything about mana or classes but maybe the link zztop gave can explain it for us. Though we shouldn’t have to go out to find the answers, the show should do that job for us. >_>

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