Me. They’re coming for my death.

I feel like I say this a lot, but what the fuck is happening? Again, I’m so lost. Look I admit that I tend to zone out when I watch this show, but the narrative just doesn’t make sense. Were Guild Grimfice the ones after Melida in the first place? I thought it was Kufa’s guild that was after her. By the way, whatever happened to the suspicion against him? I kind of know why the nobles are against Melida (because status?) but what’s the point of massacring all the students? To rid of the eyewitnesses of Melida’s fake dad? Uhh…why? There has to be more to it than that. Apparently Williams is a good guy now and wants to become human again, no way we’re getting interesting backstory for him to learn who he is and why he wanted to change his life around. Also, nice job guys. While you’re all having a nice conversation, the Headmistress is bleeding to death right next to you.

The actual exam was whatever, nothing too interesting as the test was to tidy up the room while fending off the little demons that came out of them.

Oh, and Salacha’s brother. We were only introduced to him last week and he didn’t show up at all this episode, so I guess we’re leaving this BIG DECISIVE BATTLE with him in the finale. But like…who cares?

I just have no clue. The backstabbing scene with the girls made no sense either. Salacha took the book, Mule said to give it back, Salacha tells Melida the exam is a trap, Mule then takes the book, reveals Melida’s samurai class, then runs off with the book. Salacha, if you wanted to help Melida why did you take the book? Mule, you were going to backstab her anyways so why did you get mad at Salacha for taking the book when later you took the book?

WHY WAS THERE POINTLESS FANSERVICE? Molestation isn’t funny. What was the point of the fairytale magic? Again, like the sleepover episode, of all the things they just had to include in the show, it was that? I’m just done. I’m done. It was pointless, it was dumb, and it wasn’t even funny. And this just had to happen in the first half of the show, and I swear that whole scene almost made me close the episode and just say fuck it.

But I’ve come this far, I’ve sat through 11 episodes so I might as well force myself one more time to watch the finale of this trainwreck and then never look back. I honestly can’t really think of one good thing I can say about this episode. It was just so ridiculous and pretty much left me brain dead and wishing for sweet release. The animation is poor, the plot is bonkers, the characters aren’t even interesting, and the cool stuff in this universe (world, lancanthropes, library, etc.) isn’t even given a chance to interest us.

I know my review is more like incoherent bumbling rambling, but then again Assassin’s Pride is an incoherent bumbling mess of a show so I’m not totally off the mark. H-Haha…

Kufa’s coming to the rescue. Hurray. :/


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