I’m not even sure what to say about this anime anymore without sounding like a very pissed off broken record so here I go.

The first half wasn’t exactly terrible. It explained what was made plainly obvious. Kufa and Rosetti were both orphans and saw each other as siblings. The man that Melida was able to hear, Naqua, attacked the town with Blossom feeling regret. Rosetti was hurt badly, so little Kufa proceeds to turn her into a vampire to save her life, then erased her memories of him and whatnot so she wouldn’t know that she’s Kin (a vampire). Hopefully then she wouldn’t have the thirst to drink blood and she could live a normal life. The leader of the guild that Kufa joins later arrived and killed (not really) Naqua, and little Kufa pleads to leave Rosetti alone. In turn, he’ll owe him his life and work by his side. Later we find out that I guess Kufa and his mother were from the town and were persecuted (for some reason?) by the townspeople, and Blossom was kind enough to welcome them into the church. He basically sees Blossom as his father. An understandable backstory, but it was all boring. We didn’t get to really see any flashbacks to make us care, such as seeing how much Kufa cared about Blossom and to see the kind of life he lived as a kid with Rosetti. Or him with his mother, his mother passing, how it affected him. Nothing. I’ve been dying for some Kufa backstory and…that’s all we get. There’s just no emotional attachment for me, something this show has such difficulty with. I get it, but I just don’t care and that’s the biggest issue.

We left on a cliffhanger where Melida looked afraid of Kufa, and it starts off a little intense when Kufa jumps on top of her and says that he’s going to erase all her memories of him, and that they’ll have to start from the beginning. But Melida accepts Kufa for who he is and then she kisses him and…I’m not sure how to feel. I know the show has been pushing for them to be the main couple, and I know they’re only four years apart. But Melida is 13, and Kufa is 17. Not quite adult, but pretty much. Things kind of get even more steamy when he explains his story to her and he holds her really tight. He says that if she doesn’t keep her promise of keeping his vampire self a secret, that he’ll have to kill her. Which then proceeds in a zoomed in shot of his teeth on her neck. Very, uh…spicy. I have no idea how to feel. The age difference is small but Melida is still so young and immature so it feels strange and kind of gross. I never really knew how to feel about them as a romantic couple so…ehhhh.


The fight was laughable. Again, I felt like they cut the fight too short like they did with the Madia fight. I guess he was easier to take out than I thought? Naqua broke free after their attack on him and separated himself into smaller spiders. I guess taking a beating from all the girls in the church weakened him? But then it cuts to an abrupt scene of his death SOMEWHERE, some random area we’ve never seen. Naqua says “So this was your plan?” Dude, what plan? What are you talking about? What plan did Kufa have? Just a bunch of girls attacking him? Then he goes “Yamerooooooooooooo!” with a little explosion. He dead. Just like that. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help but laugh but also scream internally. At first the fight was okay-ish when Kufa and Rosetti worked together against Naqua, but then he was smushed like nothing. Somehow. And I can’t really say I even liked him. He was just another generic villain, who this time was introduced this once and was then killed. He should have felt more terrifying considering his connection with Kufa and Rosetti, but nope. Nothing.

For some reason, Kufa uses the vial of liquid he got, a potion to turn a half-lycanthrope back to human, on Blossom’s wife. Why did he not use it on Rosetti? I’m not sure. Why did he have to erase her memories again? Why couldn’t he have explained everything, or they could work together to keep their true vampire selves secret? Weren’t they supposedly really close as kids? Did he really have to erase her memories again? I don’t know, I just don’t know. I don’t understand the thought process.

At this point, I’ve kind of just lost all hope for this show. I’m actually not too sure what the main plot of this is anymore? We’ve been jumping from one thing to another, and I’m not too sure what the end goal is supposed to be? We only have three episodes left, so either we’ll get another mini arc or just some filler and end the season with a cliffhanger.

Poor Rosetti :/


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