This was just a very cute episode. A very VERY cute one.


It was basically a much less awkward, more fun date compared to the Hidaka one. Honestly it was just very chill from start to finish. They reach Osaka a day before the tournament and they spend the entire day sightseeing, eating, and checking out the arcades in the area and playing around. It ends on a very cute note with the both of them sleeping in the same bed after Akira gets spooked of the ghost talisman she found in her room. And that’s basically it.

But it was just so sweet and well done. It’s been awhile since the two of them had the time to just hang out and have some fun without pressures. Neither of them alluded to the idea, but it was basically a date but they were having too much fun to realize. But this episode was fantastic as it showed us how far their relationship has come, how both of them have changed over the years, and even Haruo notes it. They started off as bratty kids and were a little harsh towards each other. Akira was prone to violence and Haruo had his rage fits when losing, and he viewed Akira as someone that was so damn annoying. While they had their ups, they also had their downs. But they both have changed as individuals, and it’s made their relationship change as well. This episode, I think this was the most Akira has ever emoted. From her blushes, her smug grin after tickling Haruo, to her teasing, to her smiles, and her many laughs. She still doesn’t say a word, but you can see that she’s having so much fun. She feels comfortable around him to let loose, it makes me so happy! Haruo notices his growth as well when he loses games to Akira, he doesn’t feel as angry like he used to. Instead, he actually feels pretty proud of her. He’s grateful that he could be in the presence of someone like Akira, and the time that they can play co-op games together…makes it his happiest memory.

Like…that’s the cutest damn thing, you know? That’s insanely cute!!! They both have grown and matured, and they view each other in totally new ways than they used to. The video game narration is always a huge plus (the Sonic Boom part was hilarious), but that end with Guile was right on the money. For the longest time, it was Zangief standing in front of him. But now instead of him, or the brown Guile, it’s Sakura. Not an enemy or obstacle, but a girl. It’s the perfect representation of Haruo’s changed perception of Akira in the end. The boy is in love! <3

I’m totally rooting for them, and I hope we can get a happy ending or else I’m seriously going to cry. They’re so incredibly precious and I just want the best for them. I’m still pretty nervous about the tournament, though. I feel like Hidaka is going to be there, but I know that something big is going to happen next. Also, I do think we’re going to hear Akira speak at least once if the ED is evidence enough. Please! I’m begging!


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