Back after a week where we got a recap episode that probably would have been much cooler if I spoke Japanese or if the series was dubbed, episode 10 jumps us right into the action even before the opening credits. [It honestly is a shame 9.5 was framed as it was, the idea of the voice actors commentating over the episode is fun and I liked the concept, but following the subtitles wasn’t easy and just hurt my eyes] Anyway, back to episode ten.

So, at the end of episode nine, I totally misunderstood what this first year wanted. I thought she wanted to date both Sun-chan and Pansy, but no, she just wants to set them up together. So, in true Oresuki fashion, she drags Joro onto the dreaded bench to make her request. This poor boy, there seems to be two things he can’t escape in his life right now. That cursed bench and that based ball game known only as the singularity. She claims that she saw Oga that day while rooting on the team from the stands and then later, saw him with a beautiful lady she later recognized as Pansy.

Yeah, okay, so this is all blatant lies. As the episode progresses that becomes apparent and Joro and Asanaro immediately call her out on her BS. Not only was she not sitting in the right bleachers to be rooting for their school. It was documented that she went to the same middle school as Pansy and would have known it was her at the baseball game. It seems to me like this girl admires Pansy and somehow thought that this is what she would want, Pansy does make it immediately clear that the person she loves is Joro though. [Much to the first years disgust]

I just struggled so much with this episode. I am not sure if this character could have been less likable. She’s loud, obnoxious, pushy and overall really overbearing and she has this whole ‘idol’ complex and an unhealthy obsession with needing to be admired.
Honestly, the most compelling storyline of this episode wasn’t even the A story. It was the B story that had little to no screen time dedicated to it. Its entire presence in the episode was Cosmos looking off and worried during lunch and then the end of the episode with her talking to an adult, that I can only assume if the principal and he informs her that nothing can be done to stop the library from being shut down. The most interesting thing in this episode was the set up for the next arc!

Overall an episode that just failed for me on a lot of levels, Joro’s reactions to everything were on point as usual though. Which is always something to look forward too, I can’t help but almost feel bad for him at this point even if deep down he is a scumbag.
I am excited to see where this library is closing arc is going to go and see how it gets resolved. If even the president of the student council can’t get it to stay open, what can two sports stars, a shy mousy girl and a boy with little to no backbone going to do!?