The library was saved thanks to Yasuo and the two girls. However, despite the fact that the crisis is over and they don’t even go to this school. They won’t just leave, so, something has to be done.  So as Joro stands up to say something and make sure that Yasuo gets the hint, he’s cut off by Pansy who drops some news on everyone. She has agreed to be Sun-chan’s girlfriend, this throws Yasuo off but it absolutely crushes Joro. You know, for someone who was so adamant about how much he never wanted to date her and how much he hated her personality he sure deflates quickly at this news.
Of course, it’s all a ploy. A way to try to keep Yasuo from her. Joro is way to dense to realize this on his own, despite Sun-chan and Pansy leaving him clues. It’s pretty much Tsubaki who has to be like “Okay, now think really super-duper carefully about the things they told you.”
and the girl who’s name i never cared to learn, the ex-red headed tsundere chick who is like “You aren’t being enough of a creep, you aren’t being yourself.”

So Joro, pulling out his true self comes up with a plan to stop Yasuo’s persistence since he has not been dissuaded by Pansy and Sun-chan’s agreement. He waltzes in with his grand plan to set up a popularity contest stacked in his own favor. He’s SO sure it’s going to work, only to see it all blow up in his face as he realizes that he got everything he wanted and more. However, it wasn’t what he truly wanted. He got his harem, the girls he had stacked in his favor to vote for him to be with Pansy voted for Yasuo to be with Pansy because they’re all in love with Joro.
The opening theme song plays over this with the credits and all, it was supposed to be his big triumphant moment. However, it seems that Joro forgot one very important aspect of this series. The side character never ends up with the main love interest!
He’s not the main character of this romantic comedy!

With that, the episode wraps and it says ‘The end’ but Joro rips up the screen and says no that there is more story ahead. I have heard that there is an OVA planned for Oresuki, perhaps we’ll be looking at a second season as well. Now with three girls professing their love to him and the main love interest just out of reach, what will Joro do!?

Final thoughts

To me, Oresuki was the sleeper hit of the season. When I saw it on the preview, I honestly had little to no interest in watching it. When the first episode aired, my friend watched it and told me that I had to see it. So reluctant I sat down with her and watched it. By the middle of the episode, I was nearly rolling on the ground with laughter.
I thought that maybe episode one was a fluke, so I went cautiously into episode two and i enjoyed it just as much. If not more, then episode one. This was just about the moment i decided that I needed to pick this show up for coverage. I adored everything about it so much and honestly.
That never changed.

I like this show’s premise and its take on romantic comedy animes and harems. I genuinely enjoy the idea that Joro isn’t the main character of this story despite his best efforts. That he is just a guy and everything seems to go wrong around him. I also love the idea of both the main characters being kind of shitty people. That’s exactly the kind of comedy that drew me into watching Kaguya-sama love is war back in the winter of this past year.

I actually genuinely liked the gimmicks of a lot of these characters and I’m STILL blown away and shocked that Tsubaki was a genuinely good person. I really wasn’t expecting it, this show kind of made you second guess everyone and make you look for deeper motivations.
Most of all though, i enjoyed a lot of the reoccurring joke. Bench-kun is the best character, Truck-chan best be watching out.

With all of that said. I think i can confidently say that Oresuki was one of my favorite shows from Fall 2019 and I can’t wait to see more from it or more like it in the future. A solid 10/10.