Special 7 has ridden the line of revealing too much to risk putting its twists into being predictable and just the right amount of foreshadowing to make it seem like they aren’t pulling things out of thin air. Like I’ve been saying from episode 1 that Seiji isn’t entirely human, so when we learn he stole the power of the dragon from Warlock during the airport attack it comes as no big surprise. Vice-Versa, I was very shocked to find out that Warlock wasn’t just a crazed fan of dragons trying to revive them but a dragon himself.  These episodes are sprinkled with little bits of twists, all of them supported with some kind of foreshadowing. We’ll take a look at that in a bit, first let’s talk about some of my favorite scenes in these episodes.

My favorite scenes in these episodes include but are not limited too-

-Warlock pretending to represent himself in court, just all dressed up as a flamboyant lawyer. Just, waltzing into the courtroom and being like “This man is innocent and I’m going to tell you why. Because he’s not me, I’m me.” and just murdering the judge and other attorney without care. His absolute flair for the dramatics has been something I’ve enjoyed about Warlock’s character from the beginning. It’s something you don’t usually think about, the amount of charisma and flair for the dramatic it takes to get people to follow you. The power of power isn’t enough, you have to sell it. You have to be convincing and he shows all of that in this scene. A show of power, a show of charisma.

-The real flashback of what happened in the airport attacks nine years ago, the surreal afterlife experience telling Seiji that turning back is a path that only leads to death but he decides to turn back anyway so he can thank the man who came to save him. Honestly, I think that shows more about Nanatsuki’s personality more than anything else we’ve seen from him until now. The fact that he would give up a basic heaven where he could have whatever his heart desired just to say thank you for the cop who attempted to come to save him. I can’t help but wonder, is it because he never got that chance that he is still alive now? Will apologizing to Luka end his life? I have a lot of questions related to this. Hopefully, they’ll be answered in the next episode.

and lastly, the scenes with Nijo and Luka. The reunion between the two brothers after Luka has been let go from Warlock’s employ is tense. The gunfight, but ultimately the faith that Nijo has that his brother is still in there somewhere. As he pulls out a picture of Luka and Ichinose and begged him to remember who he was. When it all flooded back when he said his name was Luka Mizuma and he was an ex-cop. I almost teared up, I’m actually really happy to see him free and thinking for himself.
I really hope that he and Nijo are going to become major factors in the final fight against Warlock.

Speaking of the final fight against Warlock. It begins at the police station as the foreshadowed take over by the obviously corrupted head of public safety. It comes as no shock to anyone paying attention that he’s a member of Nine. He ceases the building and brings Special 7’s boss up to the top of the building to face off against Warlock. Dropping the bomb that the boss, Kiryuin is the first head of the nine-headed dragon. You know, I always kind of had the feeling that he was a dragon and with the name it probably should have been super obvious.
Now Warlock wants to kill him and break the final seal that will allow him to come to his full power and rule humanity.

It comes down to Special 7 to stop him and the fight is all taking place on the roof. I can’t even express how excited I am for this fight. Warlock asked Kiryuin how many people believed in him, he said “Six” but with the return of Luka to the Special 7 team, it brings the number of people who believe in him up to seven. I hope this is important!