A Certain Scientific Railgun T Episode 4 – Tampering

Wow, I hate this episode and I hate Shokuhou so much more. I already can’t wait for her to get her justice. Ooo, maybe a nice punch in the face. Maybe an esper negating right hook from a friendly face. Also, I’m so dumb, I thought Kuroko’s love would somehow overcome the Mental Out. Maybe I’ve been watching too much anime. Oh.

In any case, it doesn’t look like Misaka is playing around anymore. That face at the end. Shit’s about to get real. I hope Touma joins her. I love rogue Misaka so much. I forgot her power also makes her the ultimate hackergirl.

So the dude that was standing next to Shokuhou in the last episode still hasn’t revealed himself, but we get the gist. He’s apparently also a wiz with computers because he deleted the file Uiharu was looking at and he also hacked the route they were going on to get them away from the public. Imagine if Saten had actually just been digging with a spade and happened to find Shadow Metal. Also, it’s orange?? Why the hell is called shadow metal then?

Apparently everyone is under Mental Out. Like, really? Does she have a limit to how many people she can use it on? I despise her, but I have to give her credit for already getting the headmistress brainwashed and setting up her group to be the guardians of Misaka. Even her driver? Why even? What does the chauffeur have to do with this? I’m asking too many questions.

This episode was mostly just a huge setup so there’s not a lot to talk about. Just more questions that I’m sure will be revealed with time.

One thing I definitely can say, as an anime only person, is that I desperately want Touma, Biribiri, and Sogiita on a three member team and I want them to wreck face. Touma’s hand blocks it, Sogiita’s willpower withstands it, and Misaka just blocks it with her electric waves. Yes, now that I said it this is exactly what I want to happen.

I’m curious what Misaka’s next move will be. She knows to investigate the underground garage, but she has to escape the clique first. I’m sure she won’t want to hurt anyone especially if they’re innocent. Basically, that telepathy girl seems like she’ll be a real problem. She also seems like she’s somewhat clued in on what’s happening because that telepathy note sounded ominous as all hell. Plus the fact that she specifically only opened it to Misaka says it’s meant to be private. The logistics of that also seem like BS. She can just choose to open a line of thought with you? Can you communicate back? Bitch, hang the fuck up. No, I do not accept your call. I don’t even get how communicating with someone’s mind let’s you see where they are in the first place.

The only thing I know is that Shokuhou’s powers are going to annoy me more than they already do. I was kind of hoping Misaka would have a way to negate her mind control by using her waves on other people, like creating a shield around them. Maybe she can do that as long as it’s beforehand? So maybe if Touma can’t actually negate it, she can like cast a shield around him? We’ll see.

Apart from the actual plot, I just wanted to say that this season is already so much better for me than Index season 3. And even the little things! The sounds of their powers, the connection to the characters, I like it all so much. That firework show was dope.

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  1. The funny thing about the fireworks show in particular is that it ties back to Touma’s role during this point in Index, taking down the one magical tag lady.
    I read ahead in the manga for Railgun, so I’ve got an idea of what’s going down, but a lot of the finer details have been lost to my memory. The final battles are standing out pretty strongly, but everything leading up to them is super hazy. And I’m a little upset that this was part of what I forgot, because YIKES I would have appreciated a little more forewarning. The next episode or two is gonna be painful until Misaki finds her way around Shokuhou’s trap.

    Also, can I just say that one of the things that stood out to me was the fact that “Shokuhou is a very fun character, and surprisingly relatable, but undeniably an absolute bitch”.

    Thanks so much for writing these reviews from week to week, they’ve all been a blast to read!

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