Wow, they are really doing a bad job of looking for him. He literally got away twice for no reason. He also is powerful too, so he could probably get away.  If he got away twice, are they looking for him with the best resources??? Licht should also hide better too, for real.

And addition to that, what is that other soldier’s deal? If he saw that he was the Ace, why didn’t he do anything? I wonder if he is not helping for some reason. Maybe he wants the Ace to come back or take the Ace for himself. MAYBE HE WANTED TO WATCH THE ACE SO HE CAN GET MORE INFORMATION ON HIM! He also wanted to see his comrade in lewd positions, which I enjoyed. The thigh groping THO. I was dying.

The real female MC is this soldier girl. She is actually helpful and she knows what she is doing. She would rather help people and get her points up than find criminals anyways XD BETTER THAN YA GIRL HINA. UNPOPULAR OPINION THO.

The Ace has so many powers, he can change people’s numbers. Like no one’s number can be negative 1000, he is changing the number. And he is also changing the girl’s number when she is supposedly helping her. He also has fighting strength and speed, so no wonder they are trying to catch his ass.

If he has so many powers why don’t they kill him? Why aren’t any high profile killing battles? Maybe they want to catch him and ask him questions.

That whole thing with the Lieutenant guy confused me. Nana told him east, but he went west. Maybe he thought she was lying, but she didn’t really help him anyways. East is such a direction, it’s not a town or anything. He just took that information and left, But in reality Nana should have kept her story the same, and said she didn’t know anything.

Also, that evil soldier guy from episode 2 is interesting. He didn’t even snitch on her, but it makes sense because if Licht has the ballot, it would make everyone look for him on top of being a legendary Ace. But what is his deal tho? I don’t even think they have a special ops looking for him, they just have anybody and anyone looking for him. But I don’t even want them to catch him at all anyways.

Also, where does this man find all these masks? He probably makes them to be honest with all the powers he already has. The masks he has move with his face. And this one he had today had a weird face XD


He is also good at acting, I’m not sure if he cares about how many girls reject him. But he could probably get a bunch of girls by his face alone because he’s pretty hot. DEM shame he has to wear a mask. But he also is a immortal, so he probably doesn’t want to be close to people anyways…

Also, how did he get know Nana and hang with her, I guess we will figure out that soon enough in the later episodes. I’m really curious about that. I also want to know where Hina’s mom get that fuckin ballot if they are illegal. I don’t understand that.

Chance of Watching Next Week: 99% if my nursing lab doesn’t kill me