Plunderer Episode 4 – Lots of running, but less than other episodes

Why did he just run away?????? Why.. He knew that guy wasn’t playing from the time he caught him in those iron poles. He must be having a lot of fun because no one challenges him in battles very often, but he has to run away a lot. I think Licht wants a place to belong, but he also enjoys running away. He liked being with Nana traveling town to town, but he was still running away from the police.

Also, haven’t the police realized he doesn’t have the ballot at all? That’s whack. But police chase the wrong person for months anyways and put the wrong people in jail. They also want to catch him because he’s the Ace and they need a cover even though they know he doesn’t have the ballot.

Is this motherfucker even the Ace? He has a white star, but does that mean he’s the Ace? He probably is due to his amazing abilities, but anyone could get those from having a ballot, technically. He probably is the Ace, because the government is chasing him mad and hard and using their best people.

I enjoy how Licht likes the solider lady, it’s super cute to me. I think he wants to settle down and enjoy life, but he can’t, otherwise he will be killed or put in jail. And how the Commander Pele dude just is not helping at all. What is this motherfucker count and how does he get his count? I feel like its from not helping people, which is a opposite match of the girl. Which is a perfect foil XD But he helped Licht get them thicc thighs, so no one knows what his motive is anyways. Maybe he led all them soldiers here, instead of catching the man? Who knows for real. Maybe he’s just having fun like Licht, probably most likely.

Also, back to the cut scene where Nina and Hina are going to find Licht. I think that’s super adorable too. They are gonna find him soon tho. But the thing where the Ballot has a bunch of power scares me. In addition, Hina has been showing people this ballot across the land and I’m suprised she hasn’t been robbed, raped or killed. Actually da fuck, thank the lord she is okay after all of this. But I’ma say it again and again, why didn’t she know anything about the ballot or the Legendary Ace. How you be walking around for this dude, and not know anything about him except for having a white star, he must have other features.

Also, whats up with that Lieutenant Dude? He looking evil as fuck and he looks like he will kill anything including children. He definitely wants to catch criminals because he be covering his number. I wonder what his number is based on tho, how many people he was killed? That’s evil as fuck. Also why is it so easy to cover up your number, why is it so easy for people not to notice.

Me: how?????

Also, why does the girl have to wear a miniskirt as part of her uniform? She should get a homeschool skirt XD Thats what I call long flowing skirts, but y’all know which ones talking about THO.

Also, how the whole village asks her for help XD and fuckin Licht gets away. I almost died. Props to the lady with the radish for running mad fast. She like stretching and then she’s like yeet!!!!

Also the town is on a hill and that’s just a cool ass view:

Anyways, I’ll be back next week if my nursing lab doesn’t kill me first.

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