Radiant 2nd Season Episode 17

I have so many emotions right now… So many things happened this episode and I’m at emotional capacity. Coupled with the fact that I’ve been watching Re:Zero for the first time, so I was already an emotional wreck. But anyways, a lot went down in this episode. However, I am glad that they introduced a smidgen of hope within this episode because we’ve been taking a lot of L’s lately since the Inquisition is full of complete jerkwads.

I honestly cannot fathom how the Inquisition is supposed to be the good guys in this world. Everything they do and how they act is just deplorable and makes you want to root against them. I understand that they are SUPPOSED to be the antagonists for Seth and the audience, but I feel like they are just laying it on pretty thick. There is nothing positive about their attitudes and despite regular people seeing them as “heroes,” their brutality is just unjustifiable, especially against innocent infected. I honestly got really angry when Liselotte told Melie that her kind are “sick” and they want to “take care of them.” Screw you guys. I hate their superior attitudes as if they know what is best for everyone. Their cockiness just makes me hope they’ll get completely trashed later on. It would be the peak of satisfaction.

After not seeing them for a full episode, I was happy to see Seth and Melie again. Seth is back and I’m glad to see him (somewhat?) bond with Dragunov. Especially since when it came to Seth, I got annoyed with Dragunov. Though it seems like things are finally starting to turn around for the two of them. I do appreciate that Dragunov tried to advise Seth not to jump into battle like he did with Konrad, considering the amount of lives that could be saved if Seth just turned himself in. And while I’m all for Seth beating the tar out of the Inquisition members, he’s facing off against SEVERAL Thaumaturges who all have some sort of innate, holy ability. Far stronger than Konrad. And I do think that Seth needs to think more about considering the consequences of his actions, especially with how rash he’s acted in this past season. Unfortunately, it seems like the series is reinforcing Seth’s brash nature and I’m not sure if I agree with that. Since there are times where you have to think before you leap into action. However, we’ll see if this situation plays out any differently from the time in Rumble Town.

When Dragunov shows Seth how the war is playing out, I don’t blame Seth for getting angry, especially with how far the Inquisition is willing to go to get what they want and also with the merchant barons wanting to enslave all the infected. It does make you wonder WHY Dragunov has such trust towards Torque. What kind of just cause would call for such violence and oppression? Even Dragunov agrees that the Inquisition’s actions aren’t always morally sound, so why does he have the utmost faith in it? From what we’ve seen of Torque, the guy is no less than someone who will take drastic measures to see through to his own plans. And while I understand that not all sorcerers are good, that goes for literally everyone in the world. Though to be honest, all the regular people in this world seem to be terrible scum, so it’s near impossible to REALLY sympathize with what the Inquisition are doing. And while the Faithful of the Hermit are downright deplorable as well, there are still those who are truly working to help the people of the land, even if they’re not infected. Like Brangoire… Hope the guy is not dead…

Though it seems like Dragunov finally got a wake up call to what Torque is really all about when the flagship of Bome appears from the sky after he signals that he “captured” Seth. Poor guy looks like he’s been completely betrayed when the ship starts firing onto the city’s barrier, threatening innocent people in the city. But I mean, come on… you should have gotten the hint WAY earlier than this. Torque is all talk about trying to do things peacefully, but in actuality will swing the hammer down without hesitation. I’m so glad that Dragunov is finally taking steps to break away from the Inquisition because honestly, he’s so much better than being a part of a group that takes pride in treating certain people like monsters that need to be contained. We even get to see him finally lend Seth a hand in getting past a few of the Inquisition forces. It felt so powerful when Dragunov said “The Inquisition has no just cause”, especially with how much trust and faith he put into it initially. However, I think the biggest shock was to find that his original crew was scattered among the forces and proclaimed their loyalty is to their captain first and foremost. Which is both touching and also, kind of concerning as it seems they don’t really hold the Inquisition’s ideals to heart. Which is good in this case, but it’s like… why even be part of this organization??? Unless they realized like their captain that the Inquisition is just all sorts of bad. I shouldn’t linger on that thought too long since I probably won’t get an answer lol.

Such a soft expression T^T

You know how I said I didn’t hate Mordred in the previous post? Well I am retracting that statement. I am SHOCKED that he killed off Draccoon and I’m NOT OKAY about it. When Mordred stabbed him I went into denial that it was fatal… and then I just burst into tears when it showed him bloody after snapping Ocoho out of her mind control in the Sidh. I literally ran out of the room looking for a tissue. It was then I realized that Draccoon was actually dead… and he used what was left of his link with Ocoho to save her… I’m getting emotional again… I don’t care what anyone says, Draccoon was best boy! It hurts even more when you see in the flashback that he and Ocoho basically grew up together as well. They were such great partners and you could see just how deeply they cared about the other. Farewell Draccoon.. you will be missed you soft, soft boy. TAT

I feel so bad for Ocoho as she had to watch two of her closest friends get stabbed right in front of her and one of her childhood friends was the one who did it. Not only that, but she just felt so crushed that Mordred basically felt nothing for them or what he’s doing due to his curse. Curse or no curse, just hearing your supposed closest friend say he never cared for the days you spent together must be heart breaking. He didn’t even hesitate to order Ocoho to jump off the side of the ship to finish the job. Thankfully Draccoon was able to snap her back to reality with the lingering gysoni, giving Ocoho the chance to take control of Mordred with gysoni. Now… Why didn’t she do that BEFORE he basically killed off her two best friends??? Maybe she was just too emotional seeing this all transpire… which is fair. So I guess I can’t blame her too hard. When you’re so emotional, you can’t think straight. Sadly, this cost her two of her childhood friends. I’m surprised that Mordred didn’t see this coming. We’ve seen him fall under her gysoni two times, so wouldn’t he see this as a potential weakness of his? Oh well… guess he’ll be her enemy slaughtering puppet for now.

A LOT happened this episode and I’m glad that we’re seeing little victories starting to happen throughout this hopeless war. Such as Ocoho fighting back using gysoni, Dragunov cutting ties with the Inquisition with his men, alternate Melie pushing back against Liselotte… and Doc randomly arriving in an Iron Man suit???? That was… I don’t even know what. It’s like, I was aware of this armor suit as it was always on the poster of Radiant on MAL, but I would often forget it’s there. I need to go back and see where the heck Doc was because I do not remember him being remotely close to a place where he could have picked up this Iron Man suit lol. It’ll be interesting to see what he is capable in it, especially since Doc hasn’t really been a big part of this season. Not to mention he was never pat of the action as he sat out during the Rumble Town Arc so I’m curious to see what he’ll do now that he’s decked out in a full suit of armor. It’s also good to see Seth in control of his berserk state and he’s using the power to fight back so hopefully he and Doc will be able to take down this stupid Inquisition member. TAKE THEM DOWN FOR DRACCOON.


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