OH MY HEART! I didn’t think we were going to hit by the feels so soon! Definitely the first Precure had me crying in just the second episode! Yes that’s right, I cried.

This week, we were given a bit more details about the plot! Our cute little trainees and their princess are known as Healing Animals, who see to all of Earth’s treatment, residing a secret place known as the Healing Gardens. Their enemy is the Pathogerm Kingdom, led by their shadowy King and his three generals Daruizen, Guaiwaru and Shindoine, who wants to make the whole Earth sick and turn it into a place where Pathogerms will be the only ones who can survive that world.

But what I found to be the quite interesting was how the King doesn’t really care about the Precures at the moment. Until they actually become a real nuisance to his recovery process, it seems King Patheogerm is fine with just ignoring them. He would much rather his generals focus on their task of spoiling the the Earth since that’s the only way to restore his body. Talk about having his priorities straight.

We were also introduced to the two girls we met last week: Our energetic girl Hinata, and Chiyu, who is part of the track and field team. Ironically, both of these characters seem to be quite fit. Since Nodoka was trying out a bunch of clubs today, we got to see her and Chiyu interact for some time. She is also set to be the next one to join the team since she spotted Nodoka speaking to what looks to her talking to flying stuffed-animals! So much for keeping a secret huh haha! On the side note, I have to say though, I am so glad that it appears Chiyu is not involved in the student council. Actually it would be great if nobody is this time. The whole student council role has been used so many times, it’s redundant at this point, especially since 99% it’s always either the blue or purple characters, geez!

Nodoka was able to bring home Princess Latte and get permission to keep her under the condition they search for her original owners (HA HA, JOKE’S ON YOU— until she has to go back home, that is when it will get sad, gosh dang it). Although Nodoka had thought of introducing the other three as pets too, the trainees were sensible enough to know they wouldn’t be able to pass off as such, and would much rather lay low. Yet curiosity got the better of them, and everyone tagged along with her to school. Everything was going fine until Nodoka started trying out a bunch of clubs, highlighting her clumsy side and lack of athleticism. Rabbirin who had initially thought she was gonna kill it because of how splendidly she performed as precure immediately became distressed and declared they can no longer be partners.

Now, sometimes these kinds of arguments between the girls and their partners can be really petty, but not this time. The reason Rabbirin lashed out was a valid one, especially since it isn’t until later she learns about Nodoka’s past, so this isn’t about seeing someone who is too sick to fight. Instead, having witnessed so many of her fellow comrades fall, she already understands how risks and dangerous it is to fight against the Megapathogerm. Rabbirin knows she isn’t strong enough on her own to protect Nodoka, that’s why she doesn’t want to bring her into harms way. I cannot stress how refreshing it is to see the Precure’s partner have such concerns. It adds a lot of realism to the situation at hand.

It is also fair to say, as of right now, it is hard to gauge whether or the powers that comes with becoming a precure will completely cover Nodoka’s potential vulnerabilities in regards to her health. Right now the fights are fairly short, so we don’t know whether or not there’s an overall time limit, or limited stamina so to speak. It would certainly be an interesting twist that would force her to make some creative and unconventional strategies when it comes to the fights that will inevitably get dragged out sooner or later. But as much as I would like to see it (not that I would be disappointed if they don’t go that way), I am not holding my breath for it.

Nevertheless the most important thing we can take away from this episode, is that we should not be treating Nodoka like a fragile character who will break at the slightest impact. In the matter of fact, both last week’s and this week’s episode has shown us that the present Nodoka is much stronger and healthier than she used to be! She is not to be mistaken for the same young girl who was bedridden in a hospital. She is clearly healthy enough to at least have the opportunity to try out all these different sports, run a decent amount without running out of breath. She is clumsy because she doesn’t have any experience with sports. So just as Chiyu suggested, a good place to start is focus on improving her overall fitness and then on what she wants to do most. Then little by little, she will (hopefully) be able to do more.

And can we just appreciate Nodoka. I have only known her for two episodes, but I already love her so much. I admired her character, I am so proud of her courage and creativity to face the Megapathogerm without her powers! My eyes were all watery and I was shouting, “YOU GO GIRL!”. She threw on the kendo gear, grabbed a racket and together with Nyatoran attempted to trap it with the sports net. This is what makes Nodoka such a profound Precure. Becoming a precure is more than just fending off an enemy to save the world! She understands what it like to be sick and in pain, so she wants to be able to pay forward the kindness and support she has receive in a significant way. I straight up started crying when she explained all that to Rabbirin– gosh dang it, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I was going to be swept up by the sea of emotions, but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon!

Another really interesting tidbit we learned was the new conditions for the transformation. Without their respective partners, they can’t transform. So if their buddy is elsewhere, good luck! You will need to improvise! This further highlights the importance of everyone needing to be stick close to their partners. I am curious to see how they will go about their living arrangements, since the trainees’ room in that adorable Healing Room bag of theirs.

Overall, this was a really solid episode, and not to mention, GORGEOUS! Can we just appreciate the cherry blossoms? Ahhh they were so pretty! This is definitely the first Precure had me crying in just the second episode! I am so excited for the next one, it’s finally time for Cure Fontaine’s debut!

PS: LATTE IS SO FREAKING CUTEEEEEEEE and I can’t stop watching the OP & ED, I’m hooked the the songs!


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  1. DaRiUs

    I agree with everything u said! This second episode was fantastic. Maybe the writers learned something from the travesty that was Star Twinkle, lol. These characters have more proper development in just 2 episodes than Hikaru did in the whole season…smh. Although, I will say the fight this week was meh but I did enjoy Nodoka trying to fight the enemy on her own before Rabirin came. But it seems the writers are making sure each character has a good amount of development and if they keep that up, I wont be too pissed about the fights. Im sure we’ll get awesome battles throughout this season at some point.
    But can we take a second to acknowledge Pegitan? He was sooo mature and called out Rabirin on being mean and needing to apologize. I cant wait for next week to see him meet Chiyu and their transformation together into Cure Fontaine

    1. Eva

      I am absolutely loving the Trainees right now! They are all so precious!

  2. Telso

    Ugh Nodoka is so adorable I just can’t handle how much cuteness they dropped on her. I’m definitely already sold on this series so far, and it’s especially refreshing after dropping the Star Twinkle season because of how annoying and unlikeable the pink was in it.

    1. Eva

      Oh absolutely! This is probably the fastest I’ve fallen in love with a Precure heroine to date! I love her so much! <3 <3 <3 I am so excited for this series!

  3. asiafan

    I think this is the first time I see a fairy getting just as much development as their human partner, this is really refreshing, and it also helps us relate to them, and showed us their bonds. I also appreciate that this time they acknowledge that being a Precure is a dangerous task, and they didn’t sugar coat it whatsoever.
    So far, this series manages to grab my attention, but I still keep my expectations very low cause I don’t want to make the same mistake as the last 3 Precure series.

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