In/Spectre Episode 6 + 7 – Steel Beam Nanase Cont’d

ooo, when did Kotoko and Kuro get so cozy together? They were so natural this episode. I loved it. I like that Kotoko is so comfortable around Kuro that she can just take off/out her prosthetics. Other than that, him putting his hand on her leg to get her attention, the headpat, the blushing, knowing she already knew the cause of Nanase’s death. Aw, they cute.

Ok, this case seems like it’ll carry us to almost the end of the show to be honest. It feels pretty unnecessarily stretched out. I think both episodes were about 95% dialogue, and none of it necessarily seemed like new information. It was like they were all doing super long, unnecessary monologues but saying the same thing just in different ways. I think this definitely could’ve been a shorter arc, but maybe the timing was too awkward for anything else so they elected to stretch this out.

So what’s the deal with Rikka, I guess is the big question. In episode 6 they refused to say her name, just kept saying stuff about getting her involved. Then, we find out that that’s Rikka, Kuro’s supposedly dead but actually still alive cousin. I don’t know why Saki was like… shipping them? I hope that’s not implying that they’ve dated or anything. Judging from Kuro’s reaction (of shock) it seems like they haven’t so thank goodness. Rikka is probably a survivor of some awful blend of creatures like Kuro, I have to imagine. If this comes down to them battling with future possibilities it will be very interesting to see what happens. Reminds me a bit of that one flashback arc in Bungou Stray Dogs with the future fight, although that was obviously a bit different.

Speaking of futures, we finally got the full explanation of how the Kudan’s power works and it’s actually more interesting than I thought. If their theory is true, and the Kudan doesn’t predict the future, but chooses it, that also lends more credence to the idea that killing a Kudan before it could speak was the best way to stop bad things from happening. Before, it seemed pointless to do that. The future is the future, so who cares if you know it now or later when it happens? But if it’s actively calling out bad shit and making it happen then 1) asshole thing to do, Kudan and 2) yeah, I’d probably fuck it up too.

The end of episode 6 was the biggest red flag ever, and it got immediately punished… As long as Nanase doesn’t kill anyone tonight… Proceeds to kill one of the strongest, toughest people who is also a member of the police force. Then episode 7 freaked me out. It looked like they were about to blame Saki. I was starting to sweat. Her only alibi is I was home alone. I mean, I guess that’s pretty normal for 2-3am. Can’t say I’m out and about that much either.

I wrote about this a bit last time, but Kuro did confirm that neither nor Saki would probably ever get back together. Not that that was a question after seeing how well he get along with Kotoko this week. God damn. I guess it’s just a race now. Whatever Rikka is doing, it doesn’t seem like Kuro likes to be around her. Seemed to have a very PTSD reaction when her name was brought up. Judging from his family history and that she was one of the few survivors probably… it makes sense. And she was super sick. So maybe being closer to the brink of death means she’s able to use more powers than Kuro is. If she has more influence over the future, it will be pretty tough to beat her.

I don’t really get why Nanase is so popular as a myth. Or, more like, I don’t get how this is such an uncommon occurrence if all it takes to make a monster is people believing in rumors. I understand they tried to explain it at several points of the episode, but they didn’t do a very good job. Like why is she taking form and nothing else has? I’m sure there are tons of rumors circulating about paranormal stuff every day and probably most of it involves death and murder and monsters. Maybe it’s only because Rikka is behind it that it’s this strong. We shall see! I’m looking forward to the conclusion of this arc.

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