MAKE WAY FOR BEST GIRL, SHE’S BACK IN THE SERIES AND SHE’S READY TO KICK SOME SERIOUS WITCH BOOTY. Er, sorry, saw Kyoko and got a little bit excited there for a second. Fangirling aside, episodes 6 and 7 are an interesting look into what is happening behind the scenes in Kamihara. While we don’t have all of the answers, we can put one thing together. The ‘Uwasa’ or the mysterious things that aren’t exactly witches are under the control of a group that seems like a cult.
Their goal is the salvation of Magical Girls and the Eradication of all witches. However, there are a few totally suspect things about that. Such as a complete disregard for civilian casualties. That coupled with their use of witches in combat and their ability to use their witch forms at will makes them incredibly suspicious.

A new core member of the team is added as we are introduced to Felicia Mitsuki, a magical girl with only one wish. Her only wish is to kill all witches, she believes that her family was killed by witches and so she became a magical girl for the sole purpose of wiping them from existence. This mindset makes her difficult to work with and a danger to anyone she teams up with, so usually she moves around solo and kills witches for money or favors like buying her lunch.
There is a decent amount of ‘Will she? won’t she’ that goes on in terms of if she is going to team up with Iroha and the others. [despite Iroha being immensely kind to her and offering to make her food and give her a place to stay.]
In the end, she does end up teaming up with them.

I believe the most shocking revelation in these episodes though is that Mifuyu, Yachiyo and Tsuruno’s supposedly dead friend is alive and well and a part of ‘Wings of Magius’ the cult-like group running in the shadows. Why she’s there, how she isn’t dead and other details are left foggy for the time being but I have a feeling that we’ll be investigating more of that from here on out.

I’m not really sure what to talk about from here on out.
The coolest part of these two episodes by far was the fight between all of the magical girls and the witches summoned by the Wings of Magius. When Kyoko decides not to join their group because the things they say are too vague. When Felicia turns them down after seeing them use witches as part of their plan.

The other part that really stuck out to me was the gimmick of the Uwasa, the ‘lucky water’ which already rung all kinds of warning bells in my head because it sounded far too similar to something like ‘Miracle’ water. Though the idea of getting a set amount of good things that can happen to you is really neat, the push back of if you forget to take the water for even one day. The lucky things will come back to you as bad things.
Everything must even out and a balance must be kept.
So while it was kind of fun to watch Felica and Iroha win at everything they did, it was still just vastly uncomfortable.

That’s about it for episodes 6 and 7. I also just saw through youtube that there is an ending to the mobile game, so maybe we’ll get a real ending in the anime too? Who knows, I certainly don’t!