Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu Episodes 7 & 8


Oh boy Motoi sucks. I think that’s the thing that really got a reaction out of me from this episode because it was mostly the same old stuff we always get in this show. But wow Motoi you absolutely suck and look what this all did.

I will say, finally one of the staff finally tells Maina about Eripiyo, unlike last time with the haiku strips. A month has passed and the deadline for the popularity voting draws near, and Eripiyo has finally recovered. Now that she’s able to work again, she can finally get back to supporting Maina with all she’s got. And did she learn anything from overworking herself last time? Nope! Not at all. Being the idiot she is, even after Maina tells Kumasa that Eripiyo shouldn’t work too hard, she ignores all that and works even harder.

Man, I don’t know. Eripiyo is just really frustrating, and she’s not even entertaining anymore. Just embarrassing and annoying and I just don’t get any enjoyment from her at all. It’s just the same stuff with her so the show just feels stale. Eripiyo overworks herself again, then messes up everything again, and she couldn’t do what she wanted. She passed out into the channel and somehow drifted to…somewhere far, and she didn’t make it in time to vote for Maina, but she bought a box of CDs anyway. The staff worker tells Maina this and Maina goes out of her way to find Eripiyo at the train station, and she notices her holding her CDs and it makes her so happy. Which is great and all I suppose but Eripiyo’s diehard obsession is her own worst enemy. Maina continues to be subdued and all that, and to no surprise she ends up at the bottom again. Still, even with only two fans she’s happy that Eripiyo still bought the CDs afterwards. It’s just…I don’t care about their relationship. It’s too boring for me to care about, and Maina herself STILL hasn’t done anything to change my mind about her. She’s still the same, she’s barely done a thing. The only thing I can say is that she is indeed cute, but that’s about it.

Aya continues to be hilarious as she tried hard to change her image, but it didn’t do anything for her. Instead it backfired but I love her anyway, she’s so funny. But finally the end of the popularity voting has arrived and the following ranks are:

  1. Reo
  2. Maki
  3. Yuka
  4. Yumeri
  5. Sorane
  6. Aya
  7. Maina

The two top and bottom girls stayed the same, but there was quite the shift with Sorane falling to mid-bottom from being in the top three before. And of course it has to do with the rumors from last episode of her being seen with a man. And I am livid.

Of the nerd trio, I thought Motoi was the more normal one but now he’s officially the worst. Kumasa has proven so far to be the best of them with being dedicated, but not creepy and dumb. He cares for Reo and interacts with the community well, and he was such a bro to take the Maina ticket and be there in place of Eripiyo and actually talk to Maina like a normal person, something Eripiyo can’t do for some reason. Kumasa is awesome. Motoi, however, is an asshole. He notices that there’s significantly less blue penlights at the concert, but he sees that as a good thing. He also loves that he’s the only one of the Sorane fans that know the rumor is all a lie, because it means that it’ll somehow make him even closer to Sorane and eventually all to himself. Because that’s unhealthy and toxic, amirite? But because of that, Sorane lost fans and not much people line up to greet her, which led to her rank to drop by a lot. And it was all Motoi’s fault, because he couldn’t even take the time to explain the whole thing. Just one picture of his sister would be enough evidence to fix this mess, but he chose not to. I’m not sure how long the next ranking would be, but Sorane is going to be in the back for awhile and her reputation is already screwed up. And it pisses me off because Sorane is great and she doesn’t deserve this. You suck, Motoi.

I hope Sorane making a sad face is what pushes himself to do the right thing soon because that’s all that I care about right now.


And we get a Christmas episode. Not much else to say other than that. Also no Motoi didn’t do shit, I thought he was going to have a change of heart and realize that not telling the truth would just continue to hurt Sorane, and they teased that in the beginning. Only for…nope. The fake rumor being exacerbated because the shirt he bought Sorane was part of a matching set with a guy, and they think she’s matching with a guy. So Eripiyo and Kumasa suggest that he wear the matching shirt, but the other Sorane fans had the same idea and did the same at the next concert. I…suppose that was resolved???

But no that’s not the point. Motoi isn’t doing shit so he continues to be scum. And it’s worse because he indirectly is the one causing all this. It wasn’t intentional, but he and Rena are the source for the rumor so he’s kind of responsible, and he just made things worse with the shirt. And I’m shocked that Eripiyo and Kumasa haven’t said anything about that. Actually, no, I shouldn’t be surprised. They don’t really give a shit about the other girls for the most part and only focus on their own faves. Also Eripiyo got more creepy as she investigated Maina’s Instagram pictures for any signs of a boyfriend, going so far as to zoom in on her eye to examine the reflection?

Uhh…wasn’t there a really recent case of a fan literally doing this to an idol to find out where she lived, and sexually assaulted her at her apartment? I’m probably a huge party pooper and I’m taking the “fun” out of this show but I can’t even find that part funny because that was a real and terrible thing that happened. In Japan. To an idol.

I’m still not entirely show what this show is trying to do? Make fun of the otakus? Show us how they act? Tell us it’s funny and okay? I feel like it’s not even exaggerated because the stuff they do in the show is literally what real otakus do. And the idols selling the fantasy of love to their fans and all that. Sigh…maybe this show just isn’t for me.

Anyway, the only thing I cared about in this episode was the mini spat between Sorane and Aya. It wasn’t much of a spat really, but the fans saw that the two act weird and don’t get along on stage. It’s mostly just Aya being jealous of Sorane, which started with the end of the popularity ranking when she was complaining to her fans at the cafe last episode. She’s not very confident in herself because of her low ranking, but it was mostly jealousy since Aya had always wanted to be an idol and was in Cham Jam longer than Sorane, but even then Sorane gained more fans and popularity in no time. So it’s not surprising that Aya would feel down about that, and I’d probably feel the same way honestly. But the girls patched things up pretty quickly, which was nice.

Eripiyo’s reindeer hat coming to the rescue at the concert was pretty funny, and I did chuckle when the light of the reindeer hat ruined the photo. But Eripiyo was still happy because Maina finally got closer to her, so it was a nice moment.

So of course after having a Christmas episode we’re going to get the New Year’s episode, so…we’ll see what happens.


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