Whoa!!!!!! He escaped again, but this time it took him longer to escape than usual. It took him a whole 3 episodes to escape. But he is a true boss, he be not revealing his powers until the end. Then why did he have a fight with that guy anyways if he knew he was a boss? Questions, questions and more questions.

I like Lynn as a character. She’s so cute, even though in order to raise her count, she needs to help people. But even if her count wasn’t like that, she would like to help people. EEEEE, the main character everyone wants.

But Licht is also sketchtown too, no one knows what the extent of his powers exactly is. He doesn’t show all his powers in his battle, I wonder what all his powers are though. I don’t think anyone truly knows the powers of the Aces. They only know some stuff and then they try to make up the rest or assume the rest.

But I want to meet the other Legendary Aces. Do they have the same powers or slightly different? I’m curious. I think I saw one in the title and it’s a girl? Is it a girl? Wait a minute!

Commander Pele totally showed himself. The whole time he was I’m helping just for Lynn, but then he was SCREEE when her idea got rejected by the Lieutenant for not doing her work. He got mad salty and so did the townspeople. But I see her impact on so many people. But everyone was mad up in arms about that and when Licht was getting attacked.

Also I love how she fell for Licht, it’s so cute. I don’t know why. I think Licht deserves a good love story but he keeps on having to run. My ship was sailed, but he probably gonna find someone else. But he seems so kind to everyone, but he also perverted sometimes, so maybe not?? I guess good partners are supposed to perverted     (hahaha this ain’t Reviewers)

Also, the Lieutenant seemed like he had a too easy counter. Like never go back on your convictions. If I had that counter, I would have that many counts too. Not hard. Or every time I’ve helped someone, seriously tho. Where are my good ass counts at? That world is so uneven because people can get easy ass shit like that. WHACK.

The Lieutenant’s counter went down because he backed out on his word. I laughed my ass off. He shouldn’t care because his counter is already high. But I’m glad a change happened in his cold stone heart. He even made a playground for the kiddies. That was good, but why did he build it so close to the edge? Isn’t their parts of the cliff town where they can’t fall off?

Also, does your personality depend on your counts and do children have counts? The children look too free to have counts. I want to know more about that. But hey the world will come together in at least 12 episodes, I give it that.