Radiant 2nd Season Episode 20


You don’t understand how much I’ve needed an episode like this. Everything just felt so hopeless but this episode managed to keep hope alive. Not to mention all the characters just seemed to come together to put a stop to the different threats presented in this episode. While certain things were wrapped up rather quickly, the overall episode had great pacing and overall a great finish.

First off, we get to see Grimm make a comeback with a new fuzzy coat. It’s great to see Grimm again since it’s been quite a while since Dragunov and Liselotte ambushed him several episodes back. I’m actually surprised he appeared again considering he said the rest was up to Seth. That just seemed like a line indicating he wasn’t going to show up again. But alas, we get to see him put a stop to some of the Inquisition attacking the Cyfandir. Though I do admit I feel like Grimm didn’t have too big of a role in this overall situation. While he was able to just snatch Seth away from Ullmina and restrain him while he was in beast out mode, he felt like he was tacked on at the last minute. But even so, I still enjoyed Grimm’s reappearance.

I have to admit it was hilarious how Grimm immediately felt threatened and brandished A GIANT SWORD when Dragunov appeared in front of him again. Though I can hardly blame him considering what happened between them literally a few days ago.

Speaking of hilarious, the fact that Ocoho slapped the Queen in the face had me laughing so hard. It was something I definitely was not expecting, especially since… realistically that would not have worked like that. Unless Ocoho was SUPER strong, but I know they just did that for dramatic effect. However, she got the job done and destroyed the machine that was nullifying the fantasia and killing the forest. It was also touching to see Brangoire and Ocoho cheering her on.

Dragunov also makes his reappearance and I’m just wondering… where the heck were you??? I’m glad he’s helping out now, but they definitely could have used his help earlier. But whatever, he’s here to help now and that’s what matters. Another silly moment with Melie having to hold onto Dragunov while blushing so he can transport the two over to Grimm. It was especially hilarious when Boobrie got super angry and jealous This episode definitely made me go through a roller coaster of emotions considering I’ve been doing nothing but laugh for the first half of the episode.

In any case, HOLY CRAP the people in the freaking Inquisition are CRAZY. How are these people even remotely supposed to be seen as the good guys to the public eye??? It’s one thing to protect people, but to abuse the people who work under you. I’m sure that guy’s arm is broken considering she cracked the armor around it with her bare hand. Anyways, I honestly thought that woman would be more of a problem, but it looks like it was solved by just having Seth be taken away from her. Which felt very anticlimactic, but mildly amusing. Though I suppose it was surprising that the small kid revealed to be her son when he shouted “mother” at her. Apparently her using her miracle on someone alive is a large risk on her as it seemed to take a pretty large toll on her emotionally and mentally, enough to nearly fall into hysterics if not for Verone. Ullmina scares the living crap at me with how much she wanted to feel his “jet-black soul” all the while with an insane smile on her face. I hope Seth stays as far away as possible from this woman. But her words are rather foreboding and makes me incredibly worried for Seth.

With the threat of Ullmina apparently tempered, the Inquisition decide to make their retreat. As soon as the Cyfandir’s forces started celebrating I immediately thought: y’all shouldn’t celebrate so soon. Especially when Myr’s roar sounds soon after. Myr’s true form is terrifying, but I also love his design. Not to mention that him obliterating the Inquisition forces just felt SO satisfying. Especially when both Ullmina and Verone were actually shocked by this turn of events. And when the Cyfandir forces started celebrating again I said: He’s about to turn around and attack y’all. And lo and behold, exactly as I predicted. This is why you don’t celebrate your victories too early. Myr is literally a force of nature that can’t be stopped so easily. I do admit that it was rather touching to see Dragunov’s unit try and cover the Cyfandir’s forces as they retreated. This probably was the first time that someone from the Inquisition actively helped a sorcerer. While the moment was brief, I felt like it had a really big meaning and set a hope that these two factions may one day see eye to eye. Maybe not the Inquisition as a whole, but just normal people being able to look past being “infected” and see them as people.

Seth being the only hope to try and talk down Myr, Melie tries to reach out to him in the Sidth. Unfortunately, Seth is just so far gone in his rage that the little intruder inside of him is taking root inside him, threatening to drag or absorb him to who knows where. I like that both Melie and Ocoho helped try and calm him down, but it was ultimately Melie’s words that were able to reach him, which was made quite obvious from the opening. But I honestly had to clutch my heart after she said “Don’t leave me alone again” because OOF… SHIP FEELS. And while I do feel like it was rather fast for Seth to calm down, it may have been for the best to not drag that out again as this series has played with trying to reach beast out Seth a lot. So I’ll let it slide, especially since Seth was needed to stop Myr’s rampage.

Despite how close Seth had gotten to Myr, in his current state, Myr sees all humans, infected and non infected alike, as enemies and is willing to just burn everything out of grief and rage. Seth alone is just not enough to quell Myr’s rage. It was so heartbreaking to see how Jill was the one to be able to calm him down in the past and just be comfort to him. Just seeing how close they were and how much they loved each other… Ugh my heart.

Not gonna lie, I burst into tears when when I saw Seth walk up to Myr holding his babies. That entire scene was just so emotional and beautiful in so many different ways. From Seth creating those vines to keep Cyfandir’s gate intact, creating life as he walked as if doing a part to try and rebuild the forest. To the sun rays breaking through the dark, storm clouds to his words of comfort. Also the music… THE MUSIC. It was just PERFECT. It was soft yet powerful, the epitome of what hope sounds like. I honestly hoped so hard that Jill had somehow survived. I really wanted her to because of how sweet and caring she is. Unfortunately, she gave up her life to protect her babies and this entire scene just makes me tear up every time I see it. Seeing Myr just sobbing over his children still being alive just stabbed me in the heart so hard. Was the moment cliche? Yes. Did this moment still hit me in the feels like a ton of bricks. YES. This had to be one of the best scenes in this freaking series. FIGHT ME.

That last part had me sobbing… UGH. Overall, this was a good dang episode. They built up to that last scene so perfectly and just seeing Seth so softly at it all… UGH. My heart can only take so much! I was laughing a lot during the first half… and then I was crying by the last. I’m emotionally drained from this. But it was good. I’m glad his babies are still alive because they freaking represented hope. AND THIS WORLD NEEDS HOPE. I’m an emotional wreck after this episode, but I gotta pick myself up before the last episode next week. I completely forgot that this was the second to last episode because I was just so absorbed into this episode. I’m honestly not ready for this series to end. Now that’s something I wouldn’t have expected to feel lol. Rest in peace Jill, you will be missed dearly.


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