A Certain Scientific Railgun T Episode 8 – Mental Out

WE’RE BACK IN BUSINESS! The show has finally returned after a way too long break (but I understand why and also just hope the situation is getting better slowly, with the coronavirus).

So this was a very nice, peaceful and informative episode. We found out the mastermind (and that he’s a cocky bastard), we found out Shokuho is actually fighting against MEMBER, and now she and Misaka are about to blitzkrieg the science show. It seemed very likely since episode 6 or so that Shokuho wasn’t actually evil. She definitely doesn’t click with Misaka but she never seemed like a villain. I also get her reasoning for their different perspectives. With a power like mind control, I bet she’s found out a lot about people that she should’ve never known. Probably lots of betrayals and the such, which causes her to feel the need to control others/have them divulge secrets so she can know they’re trustworthy. With someone like Misaka who’s completely resistant, sure, that will be a hard pass. Regardless, they’re somewhat working together now? As much as they can be at least. I don’t know why but the pose they do in the entrance to the alley is so damn aesthetically pleasing.

Kihara Gensei does not seem to be worried even in the slightest so nothing good is probably going to happen here though. My boys Touma and Sogiita haven’t even gotten a chance to join in yet either.

I can already see that the relationship Misaka and Misaki have is going to be fun. She even called out the shojo manga eyes! I didn’t even know that was possible. She was born with them?! I’m just glad someone asked. Also Misaka thinking she had betrayed her but she was just slow as shit and had no physical stamina. God, I hate that I related to that so much. The athleticism vs boob size debate devolving into an animal grunting argument was just top tier.

On the other side, Kuroko, Saten and the freshly awakened Uiharu are going to be diving in as well. Hopefully they can have their memories restored after Misaka and Shokuho get back from beating up old people. Kuroko slowly coming around to Misaka is great, as are Saten’s, dare I say, JUDGEMENTal eyes to the situation. I can’t wait to see Kuroko’s reaction when she remembers that she didn’t remember Misaka. I have a feeling that it’s going to be very poignant moment for… 3 seconds max before Kuroko tries to pounce on her to make up for lost time.

And it looks like the villains plans aren’t actually about using the Sisters, but utilizing the computing power of their network. Maybe I misread, but what Shokuho was working on was a computer that could recreate esper powers with DNA right? What is that about? It also seems like she has a very strong grudge already against Gensei, so maybe there’s a history between those two. I don’t really know what the plan is, but it must somehow involve shadow metal. I can’t think of anything else…

This week was pretty quiet, mostly just funny. I get the feeling a lot more will happen next week.

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