Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun Episode 11: The Hell of Mirrors, Part 2

The Hell of Mirrors comes to a close this episode, as Mitsuba becomes the new Third Wonder. The intensity grows a bit from where we left off, and…Mitsuba just can’t catch a break, can he? I also felt terrible for Kou once he learned who this Mitsuba is. Tsukasa continues to creep me out.

I mean honestly, what is even wrong with him. I’m not even sure what to make of him? He killed the Third Wonder by bashing his head against the mirror, then proceeded to tear out his heart from his body and force Mitsuba to eat. Typing that out, I’m shocked that this show would be so gruesome with its adorable art style. Well, at least it wasn’t graphic. Tsukasa was also very ready to bash Yashiro’s head into the floor but soon stopped himself because he’s supposed to be gentle with girls. If she weren’t a girl he easily would have killed her. I mean, if he was able to easily kill a giant bird, he’d have no problem killing a defenseless human like her. When I mean I’m not sure what to make of him…well, I don’t. He’s rough and terrifying but he seems like he’s really helping Mitsuba by giving him the ability of being a Wonder since as he is now, he’s not strong enough to roam the world of the living. So Tsukasa makes him a Wonder and he lets him be whatever he wants to be. Since he’s holding up his own end of the deal, but my god did it really have to be like this? All I know is that Tsukasa spells trouble and Hanako was sick of him enough to kill him. Speaking of, I’m disappointed that we won’t delve any deeper with the twins since they kind of just bump into each other and then that’s it. I was hoping that we’d get more from them, and that the key from-

THE KEY! The key dammit. D:

The key didn’t appear this episode so it didn’t serve any purpose for this little arc, which is something I was waiting for. Especially since Tsukasa appeared, but nope. It’s possible the key might come in handy next episode, but I’m kind of doubtful. It might be something that happens later on and…I’m curious enough to check out the manga if I really have to. I’m really into the story so I might just do that, especially if we’re not going to be getting a second season soon. I must know!

Hanako and Kou appeared this time to rescue Yashiro, as they tend to do but they honestly didn’t do too much this time around. I do care about Kou’s feelings about all this though. The Mitsuba that’s here is not the same Mitsuba from before. The time when Tsukasa supposedly disposed of him, he took his soul and proceeded to make his own body and inserted the soul into it, thus creating his own Mitsuba. But this one doesn’t have the memories from before, so he’s a complete stranger to Kou. Kou tries to see if he recognizes him but to no avail, though it was interesting that he gave him the same traffic-cone earring insult as before. Hopefully since Kou left him the gardening club book with his name on it, it’ll possibly trigger some of his memories to come back. But as of right now, he’s the new Third Wonder and has incredibly strong powers. He pushes Yashiro and the others to go away as he begs Yashiro not to destroy his yorishiro since it would trouble him. As they three land back into the safety of the bathroom, a single tear lays on Yashiro’s cheek. This is a difficult situation to be in.

I can only wonder where the story is going to go from here, since I feel like Tsukasa is going to cause more trouble using him. The next episode is titled The Little Mermaid so I don’t even think we’ll see any of that right now since it sounds like this might be some Hanako/Yashiro drama with the mermaid again. The imagery from the ED makes me worried, but we’ll have to see what happens. Also, I thought we had two more episodes of this show but the next one is the finale. Aww darn it, I think I am gonna read the manga. Depends on how it ends and whether or not we get an announcement of a sequel, but who knows. The last episode might also be full of shippy moments between Hanako and Yashiro and I need more of that.


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