NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. WTF is happening?! Misaka was the target this whole time?! Oh my god. That ending was crazy. This just proves the methods of getting to level 6 are just too much. First it’s killing 20,000 clones, now it’s this. Gensei trying to use the power of the Misaka Network and his custom virus to level boost Misaka and then use Shokuho’s BRAIN THAT’S IN A GIANT JAR to try and control her. This is insane. HER BRAIN. A giant version of her brain in a tube. Academy City is so fucked up. And Gensei kneeew. He knew Shokuho would get involved with Misaka which would lead her straight to him. Played. like. a. fiddle.

We finally got to see Shokuho’s backstory too. I knew I’d warm up to her eventually, it’s really not hard to get me to like someone, but that was just a really sad story. I figured she was used to betrayal because of her powers being able to see the truth, but since that young… damn. Those scientists seemed really nice at first, but that turned pretty quick. I get wanting to work on your project, but it was so obvious they didn’t give a shit about Shokuho, except that one female scientist who defended her. That must have been one of the first, maybe the first clone, right? No powers, just replication. Dolly was the first clone we made from animals, so it’d make sense if it was the first.

Can we, real quick, talk about Project Exterior and how it’s hard to imagine there being a worse idea from the get-go. Let’s put our cumulative minds together and think up a project that will help Academy City. Anyone, ideas? Yeah, sure, let’s just let anyone use mind control. Actually, let’s cut off a piece of a child’s brain, and amplify the mind control until it’s strong enough to affect thousands of people for kilometers. What could go wroooong.

Ah, but I sympathize with Shokuho a lot now. I just want her to be happy. It also makes sense why Shokuho doesn’t like Misaka. She probably sees Dolly and the mistakes of the past. I could also see her somewhat blaming Misaka for this whole thing, even if she didn’t know what was going on. Those are some deep scars.

On the other hand… Touma has now overheard Misaka is in trouble! I repeat. Touma has now overheard Misaka is in trouble. Let’s get that magic hand ready.

I’m flabbergasted that Gensei could take control so easily. And he has rinnegan too? Bullshit. Oh you made registration complicated? Well I guess I’ll just take the easier route and rewire it to match my brain cells. And this bastard also taught Kiyama, who learned to make Level Upper. AND he took out not only Last Order but Accelerator, whose brain only works good because of the Misaka Network. That, on top of putting Shokuho in such despair, has instantly made him one of the most despised antagonists in this shows history. So mad!

I am still unsure what role the purple haired girl plays. I have some ideas, but right now I just need to see Gensei get taken down.

Next week, man. Next week. A Certain Scientific Mental Out (spinoff when?!) and Sogiita (and Touma!) joining the battle. Kuroko too. Ohhh, this is gonna be good.