Even though Ren was hesitant on joining the band, he sure was adamant about convincing Rio to be more serious about it. But hey, at least in the end all four of them can call themselves a band. But I sure am going to feel bad about Boss when blondie comes along, the poor guy just wants to be included and play the drums. 🙁

Maybe it’s just me but I feel like Rio joining the band happened a little too quickly. I thought it was good for Ren’s sake because he was able to see a little of himself in Rio and was able to push him towards giving the band a shot, but in turn it also gave himself the push to finally join them. But I was pretty surprised by the Rio and Wataru drama. I don’t blame Wataru for being a little protective of the band and pushing Rio away since his reasoning wasn’t too unfair. They’re all so serious about forming a band and taking off with it that they can’t just bring in anyone that isn’t serious enough about it. And unfortunately the rumors about Rio doing everything half-assed until he gets bored and ruining groups is all too true. I thought it was going to be more personal with Wataru but he was just reacting to said rumors. I think this would have been a bit more powerful if we actually got to see these certain moments of Rio going around with different groups instead of it being told to us, but it was just mentioned and Wataru stormed out of there and that was it.

Ren wasn’t satisfied with this and took Wataru’s lyrics book and ran off to find him, eventually at the batting cages. It’s interesting that Rio was always considered to be a genius since he was good at pretty much everything he touched but wasn’t happy with anything, except baseball. Sadly that happiness came to an end once he was injured terribly on his elbow. So now he’s trying to find anything else that’ll bring him the same happiness, which is where Ren comes in since he basically feels the same way. Ren convinces him to give it a shot with him so they can search for that feeling together, since Rio showed enough interest to at least say yes before, even if it was halfheartedly.

Again, I feel like this was resolved a little too quickly. I mean my god, Rio was able to compose Goal Line in a couple hours after his talk with Ren? Because Ren runs back to Submariner, Wataru asks for his notebook and then Rio just walks in to return it. Then they perform Goal Line no problem. And they did that telepathic communication thing I’m not a fan of in music shows. I know not all music shows are totally grounded in reality but even this was a little too quick.

I would have liked it if maybe we were given another episode in recruiting Rio so we could really get to know him more. We know that he felt strongly for baseball but I feel like we didn’t even get enough of his supposed love for music and piano/keyboard. I know he has at least some love for piano because he regularly goes to play and even compose his own songs (the melody in the beginning was very nice) but I guess I’m not totally feeling that love? The conversation between him and Ren was pretty good, but after that is where I would have liked the show to slow it down and let Rio think on it a lot longer. How does he feel about the piano and music, and does he really love it enough to want to join a band? Since he ended up joining there must be some truth to that but it would have been nice to have taken time with that, but oh well. I’m just glad that Ren was able to come to his decision. Even though he was still reluctant on joining, he kept speaking and acting like a band member. And from his conversation with Rio, they’ve already formed their own unique bond so I quite like that. It’ll be interesting to see Rio and Wataru try and get along.

I would have liked the episode to have gone a little differently, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. Next week we’re going to be meeting the blonde boy and see how he’ll end up joining. Like I said, I’m going to feel a little bad for Boss. Won’t be able to play the drums with the boys anymore, just make his weird lemon coffee. Which sounds like a terrible combination honestly, what in the world. Also have you guys noticed that Ren runs a lot? Seriously, the guy is just running everywhere, slow down dude.

Also yay, Goal Line. I love that song. 🙂


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