Healin’ Good Precure Episode 10

Woot~ it’s our favourite time of the arc, the multi-episode events! Best of all, it was so organic with the way the generals all gone out to do their own thing. Shindo and Guawaru striking at the same time in different places came out of them butting heads about who the King favours more. Daruizen couldn’t care less and just went out to do work so he wouldn’t have to hear them fight. So nobody is being sacrificed and nobody is being pestered to do their job. This whole event was out of their own will to be proactive with their duties. It is a basic set up, but it is an effective one.

This event also goes to show how none of the girls are strong enough, much less prepare to fight any of the generals one on one just yet. All three of them were losing so badly, and it didn’t take them long to realize they had no choice but to regroup and take each monster down one by one. But it having come to that conclusion didn’t mean everyone was ready to follow through with the trainee’s recommendations. Despite Rabbirin’s recommendation that they deal with the monster by the river first because it’s the weakest, Nodoka stubbornly refused to leave the art gallery because she was afraid that they were were way for too long, they wouldn’t be able to restore the place she had just promised the host she would protect. However she quickly realized that was a stupid move on her part. As result she learned the hard way that there will be times when she will need to make hard choices.

She was lucky that both girls had thought of returning to her side. But on the flip-side of things, choosing to take down Guaiwaru’s monster first was a wise decision since it was the oldest and also the one that was growing stronger the fastest. Had they left it for last, oof, as Nodoka suggested, they may not have been able to restore the gallery and possibly other locations that ended up being blighted in the process because it had the luxury of time to feed on more power. Of course this applies the same to the other two monsters, and in the end, regardless of whichever order they went with, whichever is left for last is going to be the one with the most amount of time to accumulate its strength. Unfortunately for them, they ended up wasting precious time by having recklessly split up after being grouped up to begin with. This decision to do that also highlighted their inexperience. Remember the girls are still fairly new to this role as precures. They were not fully aware until now just how strong the generals and mega-pathogerms can be when they are given time to build up strength. It also goes to show that the Generals are definitely stronger than they let on, and I am looking forward to the day that comes for them to flex what they are truly capable of when the time comes for them  to get serious. Right now, since the precures are not their focus, you could say they have been extremely lenient with them.

But now that things are getting dicey, the girls are on track to finally combining their powers into one! To my (pleasant) surprise, it appears Hinata did not acquire her respective Elemental bottle today either. Instead, because the situation is dire, the Light Elements offered a portion of their power to assist the girls in their fight to save the other Elements. love that they did this because it changes up the whole thing about the girls all acquiring a specific key that would better equip them for the current and future battles. This is also a great way to create gradual power-ups, so that the girls have a more organic growth as opposed to throwing them into a “mini boss fight” after they each been equipped with an weapon at their disposal.

Speaking of which, I am so pleased to see that they Elemental Bottles so flexible with its power. After having seen Chiyu’s Ice power last week be used in such a useful way, it really made Harvest’s power debut feel horribly underwhelming. Fortunately, there was a lot of foresight involved with this, because we got to see both Harvest and Ice Element’s powers take up different form for different uses. The first time Nodoka used it was for long-distant shots, this time she turned it into a sword for close combat! Another example of this when Chiyu used the Ice Elemental power to serve as a smoke screen of a sorts. It’s such a fantastic way to spice up the way they can use these tools for the fights going forward! Absolutely brilliant!

In all this was a fantastic way to kick off the first real tough battle for the girls. They got their hands full, and thank god the Trainees had decided to go and chase them down! Had they been any second later, it could have gotten really ugly! Luckily Chiyu had the foresight to show Pegitan how to get to the gallery they are going to for the field trip. Nevertheless, the girls should always have at least one trainee with them in case the Pathogerms attack! Consider this a lesson learned!

Looking forward to the next episode!


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6 thoughts on “Healin’ Good Precure Episode 10

  1. Wow you were quick today with the review compared to outher weeks where you bring it later. This episode was great with the fights. Next episode the battle continue and possible the first group finisher. I hope the group finisher will look pretty and hndle good

    1. Hahahahaha; that’s because normally when the episode does come out, I am asleep. I worked on this between 2:30am – 5am EST this morning where I traditionally would start this around 10:30am EST. So it was an special exception for this week.

  2. This is an amazing episode, and the best in the series so far. I also like to mentioned that in this episode, Nodoka/Grace has made a terrible mistake and later being called out, and she later reflect on that and apologizes. She also then ask Rabirin to call out to her if she made any mistakes. This is a far cry from past pink leads, especially Ichika and Hikaru, where they never been called out when they made a mistake and they apologize nor chose to be better, and even asked to not change. Nodoka so far is a pink lead done right.

    1. Yes it’a was so good to see her have self-awareness and regrets. It’s not an easy thing to admit, and I’m proud of her for it. Not to mention, it really deepens the relationship between her and Rabbirin. We also have to appreciate Rabbirin’s patience and understanding with her! This whole interwoven partnership with the precure and trainees has been such a wonderful addition.

  3. SUCH a dynamic episode this week! It’s interesting to note/’see that the girls still need each other fully – and we’re only 1/5 of the series in roughly so that makes sense – and to see that the generals’ egos all got to them and all of them decided to attack which I can only assume is something we’ll see again.

  4. I’m glad your liking this season. I’m wondering if your going to watch the rest of star twinkle and if your going to watch Kira Kira precure a la mode. I think both are great series but it’s fine if you dont like them.

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