WHELP, Yume is quickly becoming one of those crazy Haruto fans with the way she is infatuated with him. Even though the rule book litterally said it was forbidden to intrude one’s dream for selfish reasons, and yet she insisted they do it anyways. (YUME NO!!!!) The worst part was that Mew eventually agreed to it. (MEW, YOU HAD ONE JOB!) Luckily for Haruto, the mischievous cat (now known as Yuni) interfered for their selfish purposes and set her casting into Maira’s dream instead. Serves her right. Not only was that super creepy on her part, that but that’s an invasion of privacy! Don’t be that person Yume, or else the Queen will surely revoke your privilege and take Mew away from you.

Nevertheless, gosh I hope this infatuation period doesn’t last for too long, because I’m not really a fan of it. I guess it’s because I can’t relate or understand it, and before long, it will become annoying. I rather there be more substance and healthier dynamic as opposed to this one-sided obsessive crush. Not to mention, it’s still up in the air about what’s the status of Haruto and Yuki’s relationship. They are obviously close, but we don’t know yet if they are like Asahi and Yume, really good friends who are close to each other, or they are romantically into each other. Either way, whether they are or not, they are already coming off as a total power-couple with the way they are both the heads of their respective clubs, keeping up the highest grades in school and carrying out the responsibilities as Student Council President and Vice Presidents.

Although the mischievous cats thwarted Yume’s plans, in the end it worked out for the better. She was able to get a glimpse of Maira truly is. Yume was quite confused when she saw her practicing comedy skits in her dreams, and so when the two finally have the time to chat, Maira reveals she never planned to become a model. It kind of just happened when she went to an audition just to meet her favourite comedians, but ended up actually winning the thing. Now she is stuck with sticking with the job because she feels like she’ll inconvenient others if she quits. Oof, talk about rough. But hey, it’s not in total vain if her current job as a model helps her gain traction, enabling her to pursue her dream down the road!

That isn’t to say she isn’t already experiencing inconveniences as it is. People with no ulterior motive are hard to come by when you’re famous. Maira has grown accustomed to people approaching her in attempt to make connections with fellow models, or get their hands on sample goods. There is also the sad fact that her whole profile is fake and managed by her agency, so nobody really knows or appreciate her true self. I think it would have been nice to have a bit of a glimpse of what it was like at her old school before she transferred. She talked about being a part of a Comedy Research Club, but unfortunately their school doesn’t have a club of the sorts. Luckily Yume offered to help her form one, so hopefully it’ll take off and maybe learn more about her old one in the next episode since this week focused more on Maira’s introduction.

However unfortunately for Maira, her character failed to appeal to me. She feels kind of flat, and I don’t really get her comedic skits, so because I can’t really identify if she just sucks at it or I’m just not following the joke, so it goes right over my head. Hopefully next week, with the help of her dream partner (who amusingly, has yet to reveal itself) she will grow on me.

Ah, but you know who I would like to see more of? Asahi. We haven’t seen much of him, but I already love the way he and Yume interact with each other because they really balance each other other. Compared to Yume who always gets her head caught up int he clouds, he seems to be the grounded one to pull her back to Earth. (That said, it is quite funny how Yume gets all caught up in her own mind that she doesn’t realize she’s voicing her thoughts out loud!) 

Overall it was an okay episode. Not the strongest, but otherwise still fun enough to watch. I am thinking of giving this show one more episode to see if I will continue covering it until at least up to episode 10, where I will decide if I will try to stick around for the long haul. Since the mischievous cats finally said it’s time to get serious, I do hope we start seeing some more cases where they need to obtain the Dream Stones. I am also quite curious of what the dynamics are going to be like once the other girls start pursuing the stones too. Will it become a race of who obtains the most Dream Stones first, parking a friendly rivalry? Or so as long as they all gather enough, the Queen will grant each of their wishes? Anyhow we’ll have to see how it plays out, and we might have to wait a bit longer before we get to that since we have yet to properly meet Kotoko Imai, president of the computer club. So if they continue this pace, we probably won’t get more information on the stones until maybe around episode 10 (which I why I always try to follow the 10 episode rule for long series like this one). Nevertheless, just hope we get more information on the purpose of the stones sooner than later.

04.26.2020 – UPDATE: Mewkledreamy has been postponed due to COVID-19.
This coverage will be ON-HOLD until further notice.


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