Princess Connect! Re: Dive Episode 2 – A Moody Cat’s Mischief ~Warm, Golden Rice Balls~

Why is this show so beautiful and so dumb. When I saw the opening, I got so hyped. This week is gonna be different! I’m gonna laugh, have fun, see some action, and change my perspective on this show. It even has a tsundere cat girl?? Like, c’mon! It’s perfect.

Well, as soon as the opening ended, I was reminded of everything I disliked… The same jokes again, the same three idiots. I bet they didn’t even touch that dragon’s treasure trove, did they? Ahh, I hate it. I had to chant a mantra to myself as I watched. ‘I will not watch this show purely because of a catgirl. I will not watch this show purely because of a catgirl.’

>.< I will not watch this show purely because of a catgirl. I will not watch this show purely because of a catgirl.

The music was so good too. I love that gregorian chanting vibe from the dragon fight. Ah, this would be such an amazing show if I liked any of the cast.

So Karyl is a tsundere cat girl, seeking the praise of her master, whoever that may be. Her power is also pretty crazy strong. She can control monsters, even dragons!, without much effort. As long as she isn’t interrupted. Still pretty op. If the cat scene in the beginning and end wasn’t in your face enough, I’m sure she’ll eventually realize that the praise she gets from the trio is much better than anything she will get from her mysterious role model.

It’s good to see Pecorine recover from the mushroom adventure and also get her sword back. The tiara and sword must have some crazy power in them. She seems strong by herself, but not punch a dragon in the face strong.

I don’t know where tf the idea of a gourmet guild came from, but everyone was instantaneously on board. I’m assuming from the inn conversation they had earlier, that there are some pretty strict requirements/entry tests for guilds. I’m sure with Yuuki’s intellect, they’ll pass with flying colors…

LOOK GUYS SHE DID THE FACE HAHA! Lol I’m sorry, I’m being mean now.

As you can probably guess by the vibe of this and the previous post, I can’t keep covering this. There’s really not much to talk about, Yuuki is still learning to speak past baby level, and I’ve made my other gripes pretty clear. I hope it gets better and I hope anyone watching, and enjoying, the show has a good time with it! This just ain’t it for me.

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