Tower of God Episode 4

Well, Bam dismissed the girl being Rachel pretty quickly. I would have thought he would have been more obsessed with her, but we had to move on to more of the crown game first. It looks like we’ll get that meeting next time.

This episode was pretty straightforward and just full of action, with one interesting thing related to the swords of the Jahad princesses. We don’t really know what’s up with these swords other than they’re special swords that are given to the princesses by the king of Jahad. I just thought that they’re just special heirlooms, but then again Yuri did give Bam the Black March like it was nothing. There has to be something more to them for Anaak to want to kill him for it. Not much came out of it other than a deal. The deal being simple, where if Bam and his group survive until the end of the crown game, that he can have both the Black March and the Green April, or else she gets them. So the trio have a lot on their shoulders to make it until the end of this game. Bam really lives by Rachel’s words once he remembered about what she said about not betraying people. Funny how he had to make it clear that it was his own decision. Bam having a mind of his own vs. him blindly following Rachel’s words is something that would be great for the show to look into, especially when it comes out that Rachel is…evil? I don’t know what’s up with her, but she gave the okay for all of them to be killed off, even though she was looking right at Bam. I can’t wait to hear her reasoning and how she’ll even approach Bam about everything.

The rest of the episode was your standard fare. Even though they give him a lot of crap, it’s funny that Shibisu’s group legit believes in him. And he actually did pretty okay fending off Serena’s gang, and honestly at this point I feel like shipping him and Serena because it’s funny. They’re both so loud and stupid, they’re perfect for each other.

The one surprise from their group was the guy in the blanket. It’s no wonder he was able to easily walk through the shinsu wall, because he can control it and use it himself. He had a pretty good plan but Anaak is too damn strong so it sucks that their plan didn’t totally come to fruition. Though she was totally distracted with the Black March that they could have snuck up on her again instead of running away so that was a little confusing. Either way, she stepped down because she left the throne.

This was a fine episode, I’m mostly looking forward to next time when all hell will break loose. One thing I haven’t mentioned so far is that I love the designs of the background characters. There’s regular humans, animal people, creepy demonic-y people, etc. It makes me even more curious to see what their world is really like outside the tower because there’s just so many species.

Next week: Top 10 Anime Betrayals time


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