The crown game comes to an end with an unexpected ending. We continue getting some action, and we finally saw Khun properly fight and learn of his abilities. But once Rachel was revealed, everything kind of fell apart but it left us with some interesting info, and something about Bam and his abilities that they sort of hinted at.

First off, I can’t believe the blue Dorito on Khun’s head was actually a bandana and not just a weird part of his hair. The second he grabbed it and tied his hair into a ponytail with it, my jaw dropped. That was probably the weirdest thing this episode.

Anyway, I knew the boys couldn’t just win the crown game because then the story would be cut too short. It’s not surprising for Bam to leave the throne and crown once Rachel was hurt right in front of him, but it does lend to the worry of Bam possibly putting himself and his team at risk again for Rachel’s sake. He ended up getting hurt and almost lost control of himself, all because of Rachel. Just that one scene tells us a lot about Bam and his relationship, and I guess devotion, with Rachel. He has an incredibly powerful sword to attack with, and yet he just opted to jump in front of her to protect her. Is it lack of fighting experience? Yes, that’s a big factor. But it’s also the fact that we already know that Bam would do pretty much anything for Rachel. Rachel is a huge person in his life because she’s the only person in his life, so it’s understandable why he acted the way he did. Problem is, this could definitely bring up a lot of issues within his team, as well as maybe another thing about him? I’m so curious to know what Rachel’s request will be. If I had to guess, it would be for Khun to make sure Bam stays as far away from her as he can, since she’s trying so hard to avoid him. What exactly is she doing and what is she hiding?

I also mention Bam possibly bringing trouble within his team because what I had suspected was Bam losing interest in climbing the tower. And he basically vocalized that by saying “If you’re Rachel, what’s the point of continuing this game? What’s the point of climbing the tower?” Rachel is his goal and here she is, so…yeah, what’s the point? Aww man, c’mon Bam.

The action was again really good. It’s cool that we finally got an understanding of Khun’s abilities with his school bag, which is a bag that can multiply things and even carry people. Khun had grabbed people from the first test and kept them in his bag so they could help him later on, like they did in the crown game. I’m just shocked that Lero-ro didn’t say anything and that nobody noticed, but it’s a cool ability. We got to see Rachel’s group, mainly the girl in the orange dress and heels. I don’t really know what to think of her as of right now but considering she and the others killed everyone else in their first test, I know she’s crazy as hell. I’m also curious to know if the girl in the latex suit is going to be a major character. With her strength, it’d be upsetting if we won’t see her again.

We had some new names pop up in this episode during the test administrators’ conversation, and also a very important tidbit. The reason for them to administer these tests is to get rid of those that have thoughts or powers that go against the Tower. That’s…terrifying. And that someone that might go against the Tower is Bam, but Lero-ro lied and kept it to himself, though he made it obvious something was wrong when he asked if he knew of someone else using Shinsu in the proper way, and we got the name of another Irregular. I’m wondering what the connection is.

I’m still not a fan of Bam’s character to be honest. I’ve never been too into the weak naive characters that are unbelievable strong and have these insane abilities. I mentioned this before in my first impression of the show, and now that Bam indeed can use Shinsu (and that was hinted at before)…I don’t know. I’m just not a fan of Bam and the show trying to make me be interested in him with “BUT HE’S STRONG” isn’t really working on me. I’m at least intrigued, though it doesn’t necessarily help me like Bam any more than I do. The other characters still interest me more.

With the crown game done and the testers taking a bit of a break and Bam still sleeping, we’ll hear Rachel’s request and I hope we’ll get a better look into her team. Let’s see what test we’ll see next, and other plot stuff~


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  1. Miriki Takato

    I think Le Ro-Ro actually noticed about Khun’s bag, remember how he struggled to go through the shinsu barrier with his bag but succeed after all? I think that means the people inside the bag is worthy as well. The coffee-making guy is the highest-rank person over there, if he let them pass then Le Ro-Ro won’t say anything.

    I actually love how they explained why Rachel and Bam are not in the same test since they know each other, and that also hinted at the coffee-making guy is planning something with them??? They throw hints for us to think about, there are lots of new info in this ep (mostly just hints), but this makes me curious. Like, why the red haired girl didn’t just attack Bam at that moment but went for Rachel? It doesn’t make any sense? Maybe she is just stupid but I doubt it.

    Khun’s wit and power is cool, he has both brain and physical ability, which makes him pretty strong. And ponytail Khun > normal hair Khun, lol.

    Bam is a good kid but he is not interesting so far, hope he will get more development when Rachel appears.

    1. Berry

      Ooh that’s right. I actually forgot about Khun’s bag getting caught in the Shinsu momentarily before passing. And yeah, if pretty blonde man allows it then Lero-ro can’t say much about it.

      Yeah there’s lot of interesting hints and pieces of information to pique our interest. The anime has been just okay to me, but these little pieces of information is what keeps me coming back. I’m still curious enough to find out what’s going on. And I have a feeling we’ll be seeing the red-haired girl again and learn what’s up with her.

      And yes ponytail Khun is best Khun.

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