We continue on with the Tag Test and it ended unexpectedly for Team A, though it worked in Khun’s favor. Khun is definitely the most entertaining character to watch in this show, because even though I’m very confused, at least he makes the experience a little more fun.

I know the basics of how the tag test is supposed to play, but the show threw me for a loop when Lero-ro and Han Sung Yu kept saying that certain characters were already slated to pass. To which I say…what? The show continues to gloss over important details, such as how the tests work and what it means to pass it and how many people can pass, and how. There’s many elements in Tower of God that are promising, but the anime is really holding it back and keeping it as an underwhelming show. I did like this episode, however, and this test is probably the most interesting to me. I probably liked this episode more because of Khun since he’s so cool. His plan to screw with Quant was pretty genius and here I thought Team A was going to win it all, only for Quant to appear out of nowhere and steal the “it” badge from Anaak resulting in their loss. Khun did a great performance in apologizing to his team, who all had his back and confided in. Han Sung Yu said it wasn’t a betrayal but….yeah, it’s a betrayal. We can’t forget what Khun said earlier in the series, when he said he wanted to recruit strong people. He’s found the people he wants, which is his friend group from the Scout assignment. He knew that he, Anaak, Shibisu, and Lauroe were predetermined to pass already, so he did what needed to be done to weed everyone else out and give Bam and the others a chance.

This is where I’m confused and I have to start making up my own stuff. I suppose I was right in saying that if Team A won, then Team B would automatically fail. I think. But even though Team A lost, that doesn’t mean that Team B automatically passes since it looks like their tests were being weighed individually. So why did Team B care if Team A was winning? I’m going to guess that there are a certain amount of slots for each class that work in a first come first serve basis (spears, scouts, etc.) If Team A were to win, they’d take up the slots, meaning there’s already a clear disadvantage for Team B. But since A lost, there’s still a chance for B.

However, there are already people set to pass as mentioned before. How was this determined? Is it based on how many points they have (so Bam and Endorsi are screwed)? Or based on their performances during their training? And if so, then why even bother doing this test? I know all of these tests serve a purpose, and I suppose this just tested all of them on their actual performance in their roles and how they work together, that much is certain. What is annoying is that the anime doesn’t make any of this clear. It continues to speed through the details, or barely have any in the first place, leaving anime-only viewers a little lost.

Still, like I said, this test is pretty entertaining. Khun may have played a large part in that, but Endorsi is pretty out there herself and it looks like she’s going to dish out her own piece of betrayal. Khun’s team went pretty smooth, but I can sense a lot of chaos and double the betrayal here with Endorsi, Bam being naive as always, Hoh losing his mind, and Rachel…I don’t know, honestly. Though the way that Hoh was looking at her, she may be the one that sent the note to him. I wonder what she’s planning on doing.

And like we got a bit of Hoh’s backstory last time, we surprisingly got a bit from Serena and how she was chosen by Headon to take part in climbing the tower. Serena is the only person to call out how conflicting climbing the tower is. She’s made friends with people here and she wonders whether climbing the tower is even worth it, and I like that there’s at least someone who feels this way. The Tower is still a mystery, but we know there can only be one winner. I wouldn’t put it past them to have another battle royale test, so it calls for difficult decisions. I wonder if anyone can just back out of the tower whenever they want. It’s also just nice getting to know the characters too.

An ok episode. Next time might even be more interesting depending on how chaotic it’ll get.


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