Sexy man show is back and it’s still fucking weird. I’m not sure how I feel about the show and this episode reminded me why I always felt a little weird with it. I love it because of how balls to the wall insane it is, but sometimes it can be a little too zany? It still cracks me up so I’m still pretty happy that this show is back.

It looks like the show had to skip an episode if that’s true, and if it is then that explains the random beginning with Haru meeting Daisuke’s grandmother. It sounds like they all went to Hong Kong and they brought back a souvenir but we never got to see any of that. Considering the stuff that’s happening in Hong Kong, I guess I could see why they would not want to air an episode about it (depending on what it was about?) Still, it was funny to see that Daisuke is kinda scared of his grandma.

This episode was…okay? Haru meets this 18 year old kid on the train on his way to his business trip to Nagoya and talked with him for a bit, nothing out of the ordinary. When he gets off on his stop he learns that the train stopped because there’s a standoff happening. And lo and behold, it’s the kid he was talking to. I understand his reasoning for doing what he did, but man this kid is dumb as hell. He wanted the money to send his sister to the United States so she could get the surgery, and I suppose he didn’t even have enough. He ends up streaming himself holding people hostage on the train pointing a gun to a woman after shooting another, and is raking up the views so he can make money off of it. What the hell? Why on earth would you stream a stand off inside of a train car where you’re making people think you’re killing people? You do know that police are going to come after you, surround you, and you literally won’t be able to escape. So…what’s the point of getting all that streaming money when you’re not alive to collect it? I don’t think his sister is on it too so why on earth would you so something like this? This is possibly one of the stupidest ways to get money and honestly I don’t even feel sorry for the kid. Thankfully Haru was there so he wouldn’t get sniped, but now he’s ruined his entire life and is going to be in jail for probably a long time. Yeah his sister will be fine since Daisuke was kind enough to help, but yeah, you screwed yourself over dude.

As stupid as the kid was, I did like how more serious the episode was…until the end when the old ladies didn’t give a single fuck about what was happening and only cared about the farewell concert they wanted to go to. So much so, that the woman that was being held was ready to let herself die so her friends could go! They then proceeded to creepily approach the kid in a silly manner, but then were distracted when Daisuke brought over the actual idol group to perform for them. I just…what the fuck. What even is this show? It’s so strange and stupid it cracks me up, but that scene also didn’t really fit the mood most of the episode was going for sooo…yeah. I don’t know.

One thing that was pretty interesting was the reason why Haru was demoted. I guess I don’t really understand police protocol so I don’t really get why Haru was punished for what he did? He was given the okay to use fire on the burglar in the bank to disarm. For some reason one of the bank tellers went to check on the man even though he could have killed them, which also doesn’t make sense. It gets more absurd when the woman picks up the burglar’s gun and points it at Haru? I don’t know what was going through this woman’s mind because none of it makes sense, but since she was holding his gun and looked like she was going to shoot, Haru shot at her first and I assumed killed her. Now…I don’t get it. Haru had the permission to use his gun, and he shot this woman in self defence since it looked like she was ready to shoot at him. So why was he demoted? Like I said, maybe I don’t understand police protocol or maybe I’m just missing something but I don’t see why he had to be punished since I feel like he acted in the right.

Daisuke had a smaller role this episode but he helped quite a bit, and he’s being less of an ass with each episode so that’s nice. One thing in this show that continues to get a laugh out of me is whenever Daisuke shows up or does literally anything, that upbeat jazz song of his plays every time. Every. Time. He’ll just stand there and the music plays anyways and it’s so funny, I hope they never stop doing that. Continue being over the top, Fugou Keiji.


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  1. Sam

    I’m reading between the lines here but I don’t think Haru was demoted so much as transferred. I think what happened was that he was so traumatised by killing that woman that he couldn’t use a gun anymore so had to be transferred to a desk duty job.

    I also think that the woman in what I think was a bank who was a “hostage” that Haru shot was actually an accomplice (and probably lover) to the man he shot in the arm. After her beau was shot she panicked and picked up his gun forcing Haru to shoot her.

    Outside of the deliberately over the top ridiculous aspects which aren’t meant to make much sense the one thing I didn’t get was the woman lying on the floor of the train. I thought she might have been an accomplice playing dead to make the hostage taker look more dangerous. Perhaps she was just another hostage who fainted or was playing possum. It was never really explained as far as I could tell.

    1. Berry

      Hmm that could be it. We didn’t really get much detail other than what we saw so it’s speculation on our part whether the woman in the bank was in on it or not. However, the way that other cop Haru used to work with acts and the tone he speaks to him makes it sound like he was demoted. I’m still not sure, but your guess makes sense since Haru trembled so much when holding the gun so there could be some PTSD that maybe they’ll touch on.

      As for the woman on the floor of the train, I just thought that maybe the kid knocked her out by smacking her thus making himself look dangerous to the rest of the women. Though it was weird she “woke up” so easily when the idols arrived so it made it seem like she was sleeping lol. Also this isn’t important but her scream was super loud and made me jump haha.

      1. Sam

        The reason it seemed to me that the woman in the bank was probably an accomplice was because it looked like she was showing concern for the man who was shot before she picked up the gun. I mean when the guy who was supposedly holding her hostage was shot she ran towards him. Her attention was on the man who was shot and only after did she notice Haru and pick up the gun.

        I mean theoretically you could say she didn’t know Haru was a cop and picked up the gun because she thought he was another robber. However I would argue that’s pretty unlikely because she didn’t go straight for the gun when the first robber was shot.

        1. Berry

          Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Really it’s the only logical explanation for the very little that we saw so I’d have to agree.

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