Not going to lie, I thought I was going to have to double-post this entry because for much of the episode, it was just the girls having fun at the festival! But then within the last 10 minutes of the episode, BAM! They surprised us by sharing a bit of history about the Legendary Precure, and I am here for it!

First of all, it is really cool to know this town has historical ties to the Legendary Precure. It draws a more organic connection and better yet, it really changes the perspective of things. For instance, now it makes a lot more sense why the Trainees came to this specific town.

Additionally, there have been some talk about the town having good “energy”. It’s been dabbled on here and there throughout the show, but this was the first time Nodoka actually felt like the town’s energy benefited her health. And what’s also worth mentioning, it could be because the energy in this area is so strong, it makes it the prime location for the Pathogerms to obtain resources to speed up the Pathogerm King’s resurrection.

And lastly, (this wasn’t a surprise) was how Lady Teatina served as the Legendary Precure’s partner.

So this begs the question: Does the Legendary Precure’s family still lives in this town? If so, perhaps the new precure we will eventually meet may turn out to be one of her descendants, similarly to Heartcatch Precures instance with Tsubomi and her Grandmother. Unless they were to dupe us with a plot-twist: the precure we’re expecting to see will actually be the legendary one herself. That’ll be something, and I probably would prefer that varying on how they would go about it.

It really did feel like this episode was full of pointers to indicate we should be expecting a new ally in the foreseen future, aka: the 4th Precure. Love it or hate it, they seem pretty set on continuing that trend. The Wind element was purple, which associates with not only the legendary precure’s color palette, but both Latte’s and Queen Teatinu palette as well. This leads me to believe that Latte will then serve as the new precure’s partner. It will give her a slightly renewed purpose beyond being a detector. It would also kind of make sense in a way, considering Latte’s ability is to be able to hear the cries of the Elements. The Legendary Precure was famously known for healing the hearts and bodies of Humans, animals and elements by playing music, which is “sound”, (until lo and behold, it ends up being Latte. Dear god I hope not. Let’s not do that, please…) so that could actually end up being her theme.

Of course I had heard about the existence of the fourth Precure quite early on. I actually tried to block it out of my mind and avoid the leaks like my life depended on it, but it’s hard to avoid spoilers flooding on social media. Heck just earlier last week, I was almost spoiled when she popped up on tumblr timeline. Luckily for my snappy response, I was able to avert my eyes and slam the “page down” key fast enough so that beyond her color, still I don’t know what she looks like– and I would like to keep it that way until she debuts, thank you. I do try to blackout keywords and tags, but sometimes it still slips through, so when it comes to avoiding spoilers, sometimes you’re just better off avoiding using social media for a bit.

Needless to say, the majority of the time, it’s the purple ones who are either legendary or debut mid-game. So it’s really to be expected at some point or another.

Aside from the surprise, Batetemouda showed us a bit more of his ugly side today. As we all suspected, he has no intentions of becoming Guaiwaru’s henchman. On top of his love for engaging into fights and creating chaos, Batetemouda is ambitious and is already thinking about how he can climb the ladder. This puts Guaiwaru in a rather risky position, especially since he is seems set on making Batetemouda his henchman while being ignorant of the fact the guy is full of crap. It will be interesting to see how long this charade between the two will last, and who (if any) will reap the consequences of their actions.

And finally, we need to talk about Nodoka. We got to see her in high spirits today after being told by the doctor that she is perfectly healthy. While everyone was joyously celebrating the report by enjoying their time at Sukyoyaka Festival, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly uneasy. Frankly speaking, the whole notion that Nodoka is 100% healthy feels as though it’s too good to be true. I know we just had a mini boss fight a couple episodes ago, but it still feels like we’re experiencing another calm before the storm. It would be interesting if it turns out the energy I had discussed earlier is connected to her good health, and when the Pathogerms finally throw off the balance, Nodoka and others who are the most vulnerable could end up being heavily affected by that.

But maybe I’m just overthinking things. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were to be the case because as terrible as this is going to sound, there is a part of me that wants to see Nodoka overcome a health crisis. Of course it’s not because I want her to suffer, but it would kind of bother me if its sole purpose was to just to serve as her backstory and never become an issue again. In the beginning of the series, the potential threat of Nodoka experiencing relapse really sparked my interest of how they could possibly play with that theme of having to battle through it again. Anyhow, if they decide not to do that, while I admit I would be disappointed, it won’t be the end of the world.

Next week, looks like Nodoka and Rabirin are going to have a spat, until then, see you next week!

PS: OH MY GOD THE FOOD LOOKS AMAZINGGGGGGGGG! I’d like one of everything please! (Rabirin was such mood!)


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  1. Firechick

    As much as I don’t want this to happen, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Toei decided to nix Nodoka’s illness backstory entirely because of the coronavirus. I mean, they changed Suite Precure’s whole entire plot because of the 2011 earthquake way back when, so if something similar winds up happening to Healin Good because of the pandemic, I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean, a lot of recent cartoons started withholding or outright cancelling episodes where the characters get sick because of the pandemic.

    1. Eva

      Yeah I’m worried about that too. Hopefully that’s not the case >_<;;;;

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