My goodness, it wouldn’t be Re:zero if shit didn’t hit the fan immediately.

So I got onto the Re:zero train pretty late, I watched the first season only a few months ago after being convinced to check it out…by Shadow! I don’t really have a reason why I didn’t watch the first season sooner, like when it was airing, I just didn’t. And with the whole isekai craziness, I didn’t feel compelled to watch it since I already grew tired of the trend. But man I’m glad I finally watched Re:zero because it totally took me by surprise and I ended up loving way more than I thought.

So of course I’m pumped for this new season, and this first episode was typical Re:zero: Suffering and trauma. This was a fantastic start to the new arc as we get lots of casualties and new enemies, said enemies being more people from the Witch’s Cult. Betelgeuse was an insanely terrifying enemy that disgusted me beyond belief but my god was he entertaining. Thankfully the group was able to take him down, but seeing how difficult it was to get rid of him of course it goes without saying that Gluttony and Greed are going to be just as difficult. After what seemed like such a success against Betelgeuse and the White Whale, tragedy strikes when Crusch and Rem lose their memories and names respectively from Gluttony. What’s worse is that it’s not just them, this same “Sleeping Beauty” phenomenon is happening elsewhere in rapid numbers.

Re:zero has always excelled when it comes to mysteries and horror, which is something that really surprised me about the show when I first watched it. Here I am trying to find a quality psychological/horror anime and it’s right here! We’re hit with dread when we hear Emilia say “Who is Rem?”, when that line is all too familiar. We learn about Gluttony’s ability, where if he eats a person’s memories and name they become an empty shell, which is what happened to poor Rem (who never catches a break). However, Crusch loses all her memories and I have to say it’s very strange to see her act much more soft-spoken since she’s such a strong-willed and determined person. Still, her bond with Felix is still so strong even when her memories are wiped, and it was such a sweet scene. The characters and their relationships with each other are some of my favorite things in this show.

Subaru’s grown a lot with all the events from the first season, and I always feel for him whenever things like this happen and he feels responsible. He has a fantastic bond with Rem, and while I don’t ship them (gasp!) my heart weeps for poor Rem. She’s also been through so much so I just want her to be safe for once dammit! I love Rem, I really do. And then there’s Emilia, and her scenes with Subaru are always some of my favorites. They’ve had ups and downs but their relationship is so strong and the way Emilia shows her support is so important for him considering all the horrible trauma he’s faced, most of which she doesn’t even know about. Emilia doesn’t quite know just how important she is to Subaru. She’s his bright light in a dark, horrid world and she’s someone he can always come back to. Not to say Rem and the others aren’t just as important, but there’s a reason why he loves Emilia so much. She’s simply a kind and beautiful person, who’s friendly and caring nature is warm and healing. She’s honest, and while she doesn’t remember who Rem is, she wants to do anything she can to help her because that’s just who she is. She also can see that Rem is important to Subaru and so she can’t turn a blind eye to this situation. Since he’s saved her, she wants to repay him and save him too. And that just…!!!!! Emilia is wonderful, I love her so much. I just needed to say all that and fangirl a little bit. I love her and her relationship with Subaru, it’s fantastic.

Phew. So now that they’ve agreed that their alliance will still stay, they decide that they need to meet up with Ram and Roswall and talk things out before going after the Witch’s Cult members. I’m really excited to see where the story is going to take us from here! This was a great premiere and the wait was totally worth it, so let’s strap ourselves in for this crazy ride.

Possibility of watching: Guaranteed

Possibility of blogging: Guaranteed


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