At long last, Yusei finally gets a breather after four episodes of nonstop pain! It was very nice to have an episode filled with fluff and wholesome content. I really enjoyed the interaction between the kids and Yusei, because sometimes when there’s this age disparity between the characters, a lot of the times their friendship doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

What makes the twins so great and likeable is the way their personalities balance out each other. Lua is an energetic young boy who idolizes Jack and dreams of one day becoming King too. His sister Lua is the opposite. She is quieter, more grounded and is undoubtedly more mature than her brother. I also think she is hilarious with her comments about her brother’s silliness and overbearing enthusiasm. Combine that with Yusei’s gentle and kind soul, you can see why the three of them are able to click as well as they do. Heck, even though Yusei was understandably reluctant to interact with them, he couldn’t say no to a duel with a boy who reminded him of Rally. He was very sweet with how he helped Lua attach his duel-disk better in attempt to stop it from slipping all over the place, and provided fair criticism and good advice to Lua so he can improve himself as a duelist. He even took the time to fix both of the kids’ duel disks so would fit them properly. It was such a thoughtful gift to leave behind as a thanks for their hospitality.

It is an understatement to say Yusei was incredibly fortunate to have been taken in by Lua and Luca because the kids live in the Tops, which is the wealthiest area in Neo Domino. It can certainly be one of the safer areas for a fugitive to hunker down in, so as long as the Top’s security doesn’t catch the wind of them because not even officers like Ushio are permitted to enter. However it does come with the problem of being completely surrounded or at least being coherence into taking a certain path just as we saw in last week’s episode. Sure enough, with Ushio being the pro at stake-outs (and quite possibly with the active marker signal), he was able to quickly catch up to Yusei. Unfortunately for him, he was denied pursuing him any further due to Godwin’s orders and Yusei is now a participant for the Fortune Cup, which brings us to the next plot-point!

Earlier in the episode we learned about Luca receiving the invitation to participate in the Fortune Cup. As soon as Lua mentioned it was randomized selection I knew it was bullshit. It was obvious from the start this tournament was Godwin’s doing, because what better way to search for the Signers than rounding up a bunch of potential candidates? Luca’s invitation in particular was also suspicious given we had learned she is able to communicate with the spirits of the cards. There was also the fact she was also able to sense Yusei’s plight, which is how they found him unconscious in front of their building in the first place. That being said, although Godwin sent Luca the invite, she has no interest in particpating so since they are twins, Lua is hoping he can participate in her steed. That would certainly be a great way to troll Godwin, so as long as he isn’t a Signer.

Much like Luca, Yusei has no interest in participating in the tournament, but he has no choice but to. Unfortunately one of his biggest fears have become a reality when Yeager handed him the invitation to participate in the Fortune Cup. He is being blackmailed to participate, where if he doesn’t terrible things will befall his friends back home– and we know for certain Godwin is not bluffing, not after what Yusei has gone through himself! The winner of the Fortune Cup Tournament will have the opportunity to duel the King (Jack), so besides the whole set-up of hoping to gather and identify the Signers, this is also the opportunity for Godwin to see whether or not Yusei is a Signer as Jack said he was.

In all this was a charming episode . The duel between Lua and Yusei was simply adorable. It was charming to see Lua enthusiasm, and entertaining to hear Luca’s quips, topping it off with Yusei not pulling any soft-punches and one-shoted him as soon as he went on the attack hahaha. Props to Lua for not being a sore loser about it– he did cry a bit though, but he’s a kid, let him be!

Next week, the debut of one of my all-time favourite Yu-Gi-Oh character!~ <3 I am excited to see her again!


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  1. Silent Protagonist

    Lua’s Archetype is the Morphtronics. A series of small robots who transform into household objects when switching between Attack and Defense position, with differing abilities depending on the position they’re in. They also like to play around with equip spells which falls in line with Lua’s ace, Power Tool Dragon (who funnily enough, isn’t a Dragon at all but a Machine.) The Morphtronic Deck is a literal toolbox with varying abilities and effects to prepare the user for any situation. Too bad they’re used by Lua but hey, he can only improve from here.

    1. Eva

      One could say it’s the ideal deck to accommodate character growth! 😉

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