Ughhhhhhh, this episode hurts! Last week when they mentioned the Chief wanted to see Yusei, I could vaguely remember what was about to transpire in this episode, but man this was another one of those instances where no matter how many times I watch the torture scene, it still hurts to watch Yusei go through that. He has already gone through so much in so little time.

Godwin had the Chief of the detention center strap Yusei down and through a “stress test” to push his body in attempt to force the Signer’s Mark to appear. He was in such bad condition from it afterwards that not only he looked dead inside, but because he was so weak, they had to haul him back to his cell. God that infuriated me so much.

Oh I have the mighty need to smack that evil smirk off his face!

Godwin also took some time to go and meet Yusei personally. However for someone he is investigating to see if he’s a Signer, he is sure treating him like shit. Oh and did I mention that he threatened him too? Man he infuriates me. The nerve he has to go on preaching about keeping peace and order while he boasts how he is willing to sacrifice one side (Satellite) to ensure the survival of the other (Neo Domino). Not to mention the way he taunts Yusei about how he wants to know everything about him and yet he won’t share anything in return. Dude you true colors are showing. Way to build trust with the guy who is supposed to be a potential Signer!

The other disgusting thing about this episode and why I absolutely cannot stand the Chief’s character is the fact he keeps picking his nose and blows it onto Yusei, it’s just SO GROSS TO WATCH. UGH!!!! MAKE IT STOP!

What was good though was the fact both Himuro and old man Yanagi were very aware that something was amiss. It wasn’t normal for security to be paying so much attention to an inmate, and the exclamation of “investigation” didn’t add up considering Yusei had already gone through that process.

What was also helpful was the fact Yanagi knows about the Crimson Dragon legend, and was able to fill Yusei in about some of the details. He didn’t provide a lengthy explanation as Godwin had, but it’s enough to back-up his point that it’s likely security is investigating Yusei so thoroughly because they are trying to identify if he is one of the five Signers, each who controls a dragon to draw out its power (aka: 5 dragons, 5 signers). What was interesting though was how Yanagi was surprised by the fact the Dragons have taken form as Cards in this generation (as it was said they have taken on various forms). Unfortunately Yusei does not have his card on him, so Yanagi has no way to check to see if Stardust Dragon is among those of the legend.

In the meantime, while Yusei is being tortured and threatened at the detention center, Jack has to face a challenger vying for his title. However his pride as King has been wounded since he knows he has lost to Yusei, which broken his undefeated streak. Regardless of the informality of the duel, losing a match is equivalent to being stripped of his title, and it’s a tough pillow for Jack to swallow. But I have to say, this is a part of Jack’s character I do respect. It bothers his conscious that he continues to hold the title when he knows in his heart that’s not true. We see this with how he expressed he feels as though the duel is pointless and doesn’t have the same passion as he usually would. Although he continued his role as “King”, he wasn’t wrong about how he has now assumed the role of a “Clown”, especially from an emotional standpoint. It’s also why he feels so unsatisfied with this victory against Mukuro Enjo the Fire Revenger, who he crushed at ease despite having what seemingly appeared to have been a rough start. His match with Yusei was a passionate one, and while it hurts him that he had lost, I think it would be fair to say it was probably one of the most satisfying duels he had experienced in a long time. But whether he is actually willing to admit that is an entirely separate matter.


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  1. Dave Aristide

    I love the Chief’s expression when he picks his nose hair out. The biggest shit-eating grin you ever did see. He knows he’s being disgusting and he does not care. Definitely someone you love to hate

    1. Eva

      “Biggest shit-eating grin”, I couldn’t have described it better myself! xD

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