This was certainly a different episode, way more chill and low-key than what we got last time. This was a good episode to further have Haru and Daisuke bond with each other, as well as have Daisuke get some life experience because frankly he’s like a literal child and his family even treats him that way. Well, maybe more like a dog than a child.

So Suzue isn’t Daisuke’s girlfriend/fiancee/wife? I was wondering what their relationship actually was and I was thinking lovers or something, but I did see some sort of resemblance between them so I wasn’t too sure. I guess they’re relatives of some sort (cousins?) but Suzue seems a little too obsessed with his well being? She felt like a worried wife to me, but who knows, Daisuke could be lying or not. The OP visuals don’t help either so… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The episode was pretty straightforward. Daisuke had a falling out with his family for some reason and we don’t find out why (the natto?), and Haru calls him up to help him out with a case. That case being a lost puppy, and Haru hoping Daisuke would use his AI to help find the puppy instantly. But he forgot all his money and tech and realized he was kinda lost and useless. They can’t help the kid at first so they agree to try the next day and Daisuke comes over to stay at Haru’s place. We get the typical “rich man don’t know what to do” shenanigans of Daisuke being a little surprised where Haru lives, common food, and wearing clothes that are definitely not his style. And Daisuke without his sleeked back gel hair is kind of…hm. I feel like I should say he looked adorable in a big hoodie and loose hair but I think I like the slicked back look much more. Still, it was entertaining to see him in a different light and spend time with Haru and get to know him more. He was able to see how Haru lived day to day, discovered a new recipe, and for some reason slept in the bathtub? Very strange.

When it came to the dog, they did the best they could with the kid’s description, which was: White, fluffy, male, and HE IS CUTE. I guess it helped that they also drew a picture of his puppy on the poster, and it looked pretty good too. Man, Japanese people really love Pomeranians don’t they? Sadly, or not, Daisuke comes back with a white pomeranian puppy and the child is delighted. The truth is, it wasn’t Shiro but a sibling of Shiro’s. Daisuke went to the breeder and got Shiro’s sibling once he found out that Shiro had gotten hit by a car and died. That’s a pretty painful revelation but Daisuke was kind enough to figure out some sort of solution.

Meanwhile while all of this is happening, Suzue is losing her mind until Daisuke safely returns home. I guess you can call this a filler episode, and it was a fine episode. Haru and Daisuke get along a bit better and it was fun watching them hang out with each other at home and not on duty. We saw fun sides from both of them, and I guess this episode was even more fun for the shippers out there. Hurray I guess haha.


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