After a chill episode last week, we kick things into gear this time with suicide, Daisuke’s family, and the old man in the Modern Crime’s division actually being relevant? Not that I wasn’t liking the episodic nature of the show since it was entertaining enough with how silly it was, but I’m loving that we’re getting some actual plot and mystery now.

Modern Crimes gets a surprise when they’re called in as back-up for First Division to be security for President Alvarez of the Republic of Poliador (fake Latin American country, what world are we in?). He has opposition based on him wanting to build a dam that will flood old ruins in the country, which is enough for the terrorist of this episode to do what he did.

Maybe because the show left out its silliness this time around but I found this episode more engaging and more intense. We knew that Daisuke was going to make it out okay, but it was great to see that he actually does have some limitations. Why Daisuke is with Modern Crimes and why he’s even around is still a big mystery, but it was surprising to hear that Daisuke has no intention of taking over the family business. And it’s probably because of that opposition that he doesn’t even have the authorization to access certain information, such as the deadly gas bomb from this episode even though it’s a product that his own family makes. There must be some drama brewing within the family for Daisuke not to have access to certain information, even though he has so much knowledge and technology at his disposal. We’re only at the start of the Kambe family and their inner workings, and this will be a great opportunity to learn more about Daisuke and what exactly he wants to do, and why he’s in Modern Crimes. Question is, who is going to take over the Kambe family and will it be relevant?

It’s also very surprising that the old man from their group is somehow important. The focus on him in the beginning when he wanted to head out with everyone didn’t really stand out to me. I was thinking that maybe he wanted to be useful and help everyone out, especially since he’s older and in a group that doesn’t really do all that much. So I didn’t think much of it. But color me surprised when he suddenly shows up at the end and knows so much about the bomb. Is he the reason why Daisuke is there, or is this just as big a surprise for him that it is for us? Very interesting.

When it comes to the actual Modern Crimes division, I can kind of see why they don’t really have the best reputation since they kind of slack off and don’t take things as seriously. Still, First Division is still annoying and Hoshino is completely useless. Haru and the others are there for a reason but you’re still not going to give Haru any information about what’s happening? I know it’s not their place to get into the nitty gritty, and Haru tends to overstep his boundaries, but even then Haru still has a right to know what’s really happening. It’s so frustrating, but it did lead Haru to find Ricardo and learn about the star key. Also if it weren’t for Haru, they all would have died in that room so…yeah, suck it First Division. I’d like at least some characterization from Hoshino because so far he’s not very helpful or interesting, he kind of annoys me but he probably doesn’t want Haru to get into anything crazy.

Anyways, a pretty good episode. Too bad Suzue didn’t do a damn thing this episode, I’m waiting for her to do something cool, even though her piloting that helicopter in episode two was pretty cool. This episode opened up opportunities for plot and mystery so it should really get good from now on.


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