Things are really moving along now and it looks like getting the answers we want isn’t going to be easy. We’re not exactly closer to where we want to be, and if the ending is anything to go by it’ll be a dangerous path to take for Daisuke and Cho.

Daisuke and Cho have their own reasons for going out of their way to get information from Imura and her company. There’s mystery behind the device used to jam radio signals and Cho found out that a certain sea grape-looking thing was used, possibly from Peliodor. The police department is trying really hard to cover things up and it only makes things look even more suspicious. And with that explosion in the end, neither of them are closer to getting what they want.

It’s obvious that Daisuke isn’t the one that killed Imura. We’ve seen enough of him, and while we know he can take some drastic measures to get what he wants (such as controlling her car), he’s not the murdering type. Also, why would he kill her when he still wants to get some information out of her? We saw Imura talk to her boss twice this episode, the second conversation probably being her death wish when she explained her situation with Cho. A company that can make these toxic bombs can surely put a bomb in her own car in case something like this were to happen. Now getting information now is probably going to be a bit tougher since Cho at least is probably on her boss’ radar.

Again, I’m surprised that Cho is becoming a major character now, and it seems he really does have more of a connection with Daisuke than I thought. He tells Haru of a cold case he wants to solve, and Mizuo Future Technologies is behind it like it is with the current case. That cold case belonging to the murder of a woman named Sayuri Kambe. I presume a woman as Sayuri is a female name. Just with that we can at least guess why Daisuke has limited authorization from HEUSC when it comes to the Mizuo company.

Sayuri could be his mother, a grandmother, an aunt, whatever. Whoever this woman is got involved with this company in some way and was killed by them. Another name we got this episode was Shigemaru Kambe when Daisuke was interrogating Imura, and we have no hints of who that could be and we don’t know if he(?) is involved with Sayuri. Whatever is going on, Daisuke, and Suzue as well, was most likely denied access to any of this information simply because it’s too dangerous to investigate it.

Does Cho have any personal connection to Sayuri, platonically or romantically, or was this just a case he simply couldn’t solve and he wants to bring light to it before he retires? Just for drama’s sake there probably is a personal connection between Cho and Sayuri but we’ll have to see. We don’t have any answers right now but it looks like we will by next episode.

This second half is such a huge difference from the first half of the show, and while I loved the silliness from before this serious cop drama is kind of what I was looking for from this show before it even aired. I’m really interested in what’s going on and I hope the drama stays juicy.


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