This week we learned that Asumi’s condition will be affected by her mood and relationship with Latte. If she is feeling sad/disheartened, she will start to fade, so it’s really important for her to remain positive and be on good terms with the little pup. She learned that the hard way when Latte gave her the cold shoulder after getting sick of being coddled by her. In fact I was greatly amused by her expressions towards Asumi. All of them ranged from greatly concern and a bit of regret (‘oh god what the heck did i get myself into?!’). I also like that Latte continues to show us she is unwilling to accept things as they are if she becomes frustrated with it. I thought it was particularly brutal how she didn’t even turn to look at Asumi before she left the house with Rabbirin. Like damn, she didn’t even hesitate.

As cold as it was, this was something Asumi needed to experience in order to grow. She is stubborn because of her default settings consists: Stay by Latte’s side and protect her at all cost. But the problem is she doesn’t actually understand how to do that in moderation. She just does what she thinks is the right approach.

One of the reasons why Asumi behaves in this way is because she is overwhelmed by all of these new feelings. They are foreign to her, so she needs help learning what they mean. Just as Nodoka shared what it’s like to help someone in return, Chiyu cleverly invited Asumi to watch her practice her High Jump so she could learn what it feels like to ‘like’/’love’ something. In fact Chiyu was able to demonstrate a variety of feelings stemmed from her passion for the High Jumps, from her frustration of not making it, to her determination to improve her results.  This helped Asumi understand her love for Latte caused her to worry too much and overwhelmed her with it. Now that she knows that, she can start learning how to consider Latte’s feelings first before she does something.

And if I may add, it was so cute to see Asumi tell Shindoine there is nothing wrong with loving someone. But to harm others to satisfy her own desires is not okay. It was a nice touch!

That being said, it was quite funny how Asumi began roaming around town in her transparent/ghostly state. Residents were startled, prompting Chiyu and Hinata who saw her in that state to quickly distract everyone so they could hide her. Hinata’s strategy of commenting how Asumi being so dazzling she appears transparent was a brilliant and a hilarious way to divert attention. At the very least it worked well enough for Chiyu to get her out of there and bring her back to her place. There we also got to see her funny side as well with the way she made sure her brother wouldn’t be able to see Asumi’s state in her room.

Finally, we have to talk about Daruizen because what the heck, he showed us an eerie ‘soft’ side of him! The way he shared his harvest and knowledge, and expressed they should use all the tools they have to infect the Earth as quickly as possible. Man I was so proud of him. It was such a shrewd move! (He may be aloof, but he gets shit done!) But Guaiwaru wasn’t happy about it. Clearly he wanted to use the Mega Parts purely for his own advantage, but Daruizen saw through him and even called him out on trying to hide it. Now that he’s ticked off about losing that card I wonder how this is going to change the dynamic between the two of them. Would he try to sabotage Daruizen so he can gain the upper hand? It doesn’t seem to be out of the realm of possibilities. There is certainly potential for an internal feud and drama between these two, kekeke, that could be fun. Meanwhile Shindoine seems to be in her own world, so we haven’t seen her do anything too crazy yet. Though now that I think of it, I am a bit surprised she isn’t trying harder since infecting the world is supposed to speed up the King’s revival.

Overall this was a great episode this week! I really like this approach they are taking because it lets everyone contribute to Asumi’s development, while at the same time organically establishing their new friendship. Next week it will be Hinata’s turn, so look forward to it!


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  1. Ujiuji

    Indeed, it is not wise to get on the wrong side of Latte. It’s interesting that when we first saw Shindoine in this episode she was questioning why she is in love with King Byogen. It might be a clue to the real nature of the trio’s loyalty. Going with the theme of the series maybe it’s some kind of disease or infection.

  2. Eva

    Notice: Healin’ Good Precure Ep 23 & 24 will be released as a doublepost next week

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