Flower of the Episode: Chamomile

If I had to describe this episode, I would say it was kind of like an extension of the last one. It was definitely one of those types you would greatly benefit watching back to back just because it feels so short. The first half of the episode involved the resolution of last weeks’ fight and then the girls went on a charming journey to the Heart Tree. The fairies turned themselves into a capes, and guided the girls there. However they were unaware at the time the Dark Precure had tailed them, leading to the second half where the fight the protect the Heart Tree from destruction unfolded.

It goes without saying, the fight was fantastic (and again, the music was on point~). With Itsuki and Potpourri’s defensive powers in the mix, it is exciting to see the girls beginning to make more strategic decisions. When they tried to fight the Dark Precure again, even with an extra hand, they quickly realized that they are still not strong enough to take her down. So instead continuing to throw themselves at her, for the first time we see them make a strategic retreat.

The plan was to use Itsuki’s special attack to hold the Dark Precure down so the the girls could hit her with their special duo attack. While it barely scratched her, it succeeded creating a smoke screen to buy them just enough time for Itsuki and Potpourri to apply a protective barrier around the Heart Tree so they could all make a safe escape. Their strategy certainly caught the Dark Precure off-guard, she was left in the dust and in daze until she realized what they had just done.

And this is one of the reasons why Heartcatch has always remained so high on my list for so long. Even though the “Generals” are not particularly memorable due to being so passive (with the slight exception of Kumojacky), the Dark Precure is an excellent antagonist. Unlike the others, she is more like a “mini-boss” as she is an opponent they haven’t been able to take down yet. She is constantly a threat, forcing the girls to adapt and cautiously test whether they are powerful enough to take her down.

Although the girls were on the losing end of the fight again, it was an absolute pleasure to watch Itsuki fight the Dark Precure. I knew she would stand a better chance than the other two (to some degree). She took her hits like a champ. Also (correct me if I am wrong), I believe she was the one who organized the strategy of how they could safely retreat from the fight, as well as how her powers can be used as support, so there’s a lot to look forward to for their future fights!

Next episode, Itsuki is joining them on a Fashion Club sea trip! 😀


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