After the chaotic events with Dark Precure, the girls and their clubmates went out on a Summer Fashion Camp by the sea to design clothes for the Fashion Show they will be hosting for the festival in the fall. It was great to see Itsuki join them now that she is able to express her love for clothes and cute things more freely. It was nice to see the girls have a bit of a breather… well… sorta. While they are there they encountered the three generals who were there to have their own “training camp”. Sure enough the generals didn’t stand a chance even when it was 1 VS 1. Heck, freaking Itsuki the newest member even got Sasorina. Whelp, that’s awkward. It didn’t get much better the second time they fought Kumojacky on his own. Just when he finally “accomplished” achieving a new power move Tsubomi was able to negate it with her special attack. The only thing he did achieve is dodging Erika’s blow, which is a relief, but still rather pathetic it has come down to that.

As for Naomi’s struggle being too shy to ask Itsuki to be friends with her, although they set it up nicely, I really couldn’t bring myself to care about it. Rather than friends, she really kind of left me with the impression she has a crush on her, and I guess in a way she does considering she admires her.

That being said, while the girls did need a breather, it does suck that these two episodes were virtually fillers with contributed little to no progression to the plot. If anything, it managed to screw Sasorina’s character over even further. Honestly at this point one would expect her character to be taken out of the picture sooner than later.

And that’s just about all I have to say about this one, until next time!

NOTICE: Heartcatch Precure Coverage will be put On-Hold until Mid-Late October!

Due to Idolish7: Second Beat! resuming in October, I am taking measures to try and cut down my workload by then. Originally I had considered putting YGO 5D’S On-Hold earlier than initially planned so I could finish up this series, but after thinking about it some more, I realized it would be impossible for me to complete Heartcatch Precure by the October deadline. So I decided it would also be wiser to finish covering YGO 5D’s Fortune Cup Arc first (there are about 8 episodes left), and then once that’s done, YGO 5D’s will be put On-Hold while I take a season break in between the arcs to prevent burnouts. This way I can I will have enough time to comfortably finish up Heartcatch Precure by taking advantage of the extra time I would otherwise be spending covering YGO 5D’s in the most efficient way possible.

Thank you for understanding, and we’ll be back with more Heartcatch Precure later this Fall!


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