Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s Episode 15

The tournament has finally begun, and they waste no time to dive into it. In fact they do it so quickly, it may catch you off-guard if you were expecting them to actually introduce the participants to us. Instead they simply gave us a sneak peek without actually telling us anything about any of them, and didn’t spend too much time with the crowd’s jeers about Yusei’s marker. And I think this was a very smart decision because we are going to get to know them when their match comes around anyways. Apart from that, you can kind of also single out which ones are probably Godwin’s so-called “Assassins” considering their eccentric designs, making the ones you should be focusing on actually stand out (ie: the Black Rose Witch). On the side note, Lua is so freaking small compared to the rest!

As planned, Lua is substituting for Luca who isn’t interesting in participating in the tournament. He went a bit overboard with his disguise considering all he had to do was just wear her clothes and pull his hair up since they are identical twins. Luca was irritated by it, and justifiably so! After-all, he while he trying to pass off as her, he coated his face with makeup! So of course she would be embarrassed! Luckily Yusei urged him to take it off, sparing her from any further humiliation.

But if they really wanted to make it fool-proof, a good extra measure would have been swapping decks too, but besides the fact Lua probably would have had a hard time with the adjustment, he wouldn’t have wanted to let go of his deck because he loves it so much.

That being said, no matter how fool-proof their disguise may have been, none of that would have mattered when Godwin’s team was still able to figure out they had switched places thanks to the D-Sensors they had installed all around the stadium to single out the Signers. At that point, staying home would have been the only way to avoid being detected at all. But considering none of the contestants other than Godwin’s secret agents such as Bommer are aware of this objective, there was no way of avoiding it.

As for Lua, his dreams of participating in the tournament has quickly come to an end. Well, we all already knew he wouldn’t make it to the next round. He is far too inexperience and sure enough despite claiming he has learned his lessons, his bad habit of getting too caught up with his combos came back to bite him. It certainly didn’t help that his opponent Bommer , he didn’t pull any soft punches. In fact, he was getting annoyed that his opponent was a lot weaker than expected. It had gotten so bad that he even chided Lua for how thoughtless he was. He did praise him though when he built up a strong attack, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to take him down and lost when the trap card Bommer had set earlier led to an even bigger monster than quickly ended the match.Poor kid, went from being starstruck from the dude’s “WE ARE ONE” speech, to having his dreams crushed by him.

Nevertheless, since the twins have been found out, there is no doubt Godwin isn’t going to just let Luca slip out of the tournament. He will find a way and reason to drag her back in.


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