Our babies are back~ But not everyone is happy…
The green-hair dude (Roa, who is Romin’s band mate and Cousin) is finally making his move, and Romin isn’t too excited for it. She is close to them, and it hurts to be doing this behind their backs. Roa also had promised he won’t reveal her secret, but I’m not entirely certain whether he is referring to her spying on them, or she has a much deeper one that she doesn’t want anyone to know about, and he’s using that to blackmail her. I am more inclined to believe it’s more about her being a spy since it clear she would be sad to lose their friendship. Needless to say, I already don’t like Roa with the way he aggressively pushes Romin around. Like seriously dude, back off.

Luckily they quickly made us feel better with Yuga’s incredibly thoughtful gift to Romin. It made me all warm and fuzzy. He had noticed she was into the guitar he had used for that noise-canceler device, so he decided to tinker with it again and turned it into a duel-disk guitar (YUSEI WOULD BE PROUD!!!!!!!) so she could enjoy dueling and music together. MY HEARRTTTTTTTT!!! Yuga may be a mischievous innovator, but he is such a good boy. Gakuto had also brought her flowers, and poor Rook realized he was the odd one out and had hoped to rush out to get her one but wasn’t able to because he was lost, hahaha!

But as much as their must have touched Romin’s heart, it must have also made it hurt due to the guilt weighing her down.

When they arrived to he concert, they were surprised to see Roa dump a challenge on them where if he wins the duel, he will gain the property rights of “Rush Duels” and prove he is “King of Duels”. Hearing that made me go, “What the hell man?!” but Yuga as per usual, isn’t too concerned about titles and isn’t afraid of the idea of losing it. However I think that is a big mistake. He is not looking at the bigger picture, which concerns a number of ways one could exploit that kind of right. I am also mildly surprised Rook wasn’t triggered when he went on about being King since it’s his dream to become the Duel King himself.

And speaking of, considering Roa went on about how he is the “Duel King” which leaves me with the impression given all the information Romin had shared about the relic, he may also be referring to the legend Rook had spoken about in the beginning of the show. It would be interesting to see if he knows something more about it, or it’s as simple as he just wants the “King” title to boost his fame. I am more inclined to think he is referring to the legend though considering he has been actively investigating it as well. Though there is also another way he could use the property rights, and that is to become the “leader” of rebelling against Goha Corporation. With the power of his influence, he could go as far as challenging them.

As for the duel, originally i thought we were going to see 3 VS 3, but instead we’re going to see three individual team matches consisting Yuga, Rook and Gakuto VS Roa, Ushiro and either Romin or the Drummer. (The preview indicates that it might be Romin with the crazy eyes, but I have refrained myself from reading into it too much considering the comedic direction this series has gone so far.) Today it was Rook VS the Bass Player Omaeno Ushiro. The poor guy has a rough name that either nobody remembers or gets mixed up with because it also means: Behind you! (Thank you fansubs for explaining the pun!) That’s why Rook would also look behind every time the guy shouted his name, in desperate attempt for people to remember him.

And I have to say, although it was a bit more low-key, it was still fun to watch. They did a great job of mixing the ghost stories with the deck’s theme, successfully delivering the creepiness while maintaining the humor. The dotting damage Ushio delivered to Rook were basically the result of being haunted by ghosts or curses inflict onto him, chipping away at his life points. However it mainly banked on Rook being so gullible and distracted by his fear of Ghosts so Ushio could beat him. In other words, I guess you could say Roa didn’t have the confidence that they could beat Yuga’s team without making preparations in advance to sabotage them in some form or another. So it came as no surprise when Rook finally figured it out (which only made sense considering how many times he was falling for it), he was able to focus and quickly finished the guy.

Lastly, once again they spent very little time delving the details of their latest discovery of the stone monuments engraved into the floor. We got to see three more (*bold below) and one of them supposedly looks similar to Dragears. Unfortunately they didn’t actually show us which one Rook was pointing to in order to see whether his observation was accurate, something I can’t take for granted unless I see for himself because while he does have sharp intuition, he can also be incredibly stupid.

  1. Swan
  2. Fish
  3. Bat
  4. Weather (Sun, Wind, Clouds, maybe), for the lack of a better word.
  5. Owl
  6. Nature (Flower/Vines)
  7. Gears

It is a bit of a shame how slowly they are dropping these teasers, but hopefully we will get some answers sooner than later. As mentioned earlier, if Roa is talking about the legend, then he may end up being the one to explain what the heck these things are supposed to be.


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  1. Silent Protagonist

    I feel like it could’ve been really easy to have Yuga be like “Rush Duels don’t belong to anyone!” given how he just wants the game to be fun again and not “controlled” like it currently is.

    1. Eva

      I am a bit surprised he didn’t do that, but I guess when it comes to where “credit is due” of who came up with it, he couldn’t be bothered.

  2. Kazanova

    I was excited that Roa finally made his debut…only for him to be that kind of guy. I was angry when he pushed and threatened Romin like that. Cousins are family, and that’s not how you treat your family! But at the same time, considering the comedy of this show, I’m wondering if the reason behind Roa and Romin’s relationship is not as serious as it looks like and perhaps would reveal a comical twist later.

    Actually, there’s a mistranslation. What Roa had Romin whispered to Rook is not a ghost story, but about the legend in the underground where Yuga and Rook installed Rush Duel, and thus, explaining Romin’s presence in the underground back at episode 1. This reveals that Roa learned about that place earlier than them, which brings question as to why Roa didn’t go there and do the installation himself. Either he failed or he has plan for Yuga and the others. This also explains why Romin is eyeing on them. Then again, why did he pick Rook and Yuga for it?

    Honestly, as someone who hates and afraid of ghost stories and all, I found Ushirou annoying, so I am happy that Ushirou is defeated. However, I do agree that Ushirou’s use of ghost stories each time he’s summoning a monster is a clever use to deliver creepiness and comedy.

    And a side note, it’s funny how Mimi is more concerned of getting harder to buy tickets for RoaRomin concert instead of Goha Corps’ goal if RoaRomin wins. XD

    1. Eva

      Ah! Thank you for the correction, that’s a huge reveal!!! I’m glad I wasn’t too far off the mark, so I’ll make the adjustment to reflect that.

      Perhaps as you said, he failed, and so he decided to try to steal the fame and credit away from Yuga.

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