Oh my freaking god, this entire episode was an amazing spoof of all the tropes that the previous Yu-Gi-Oh! series was known to play around with. Betrayal of friendships, a character going berserk, manipulation, they managed to take all of these things that usually turn out terribly ugly, and turn them into the ultimate joke in the best way possible!

Roa had set the stage for Romin to transform her into a formidable duelist by making sure she had nothing to eat prior to the event. He continued to instigate it by having the audience hold freaking sushi rolls, order in ramen and barbecue goods. Sure enough, he had unleashed a beast because we got to see Romin is not to be messed with when she is hungry! Gosh dang it, now I need food.

One of the things I loved about the episode was when Toa outed Romin as “a spy”, both Yuga and Rook were unfazed because they already had suspicions of it, and we all witnessed that event. And it is actually important that they did because it allowed us to see their thought process, and how and why they ultimately decided to shrug it off instead of confronting her about it. So it makes perfect sense why they weren’t shaken by it, and responded to it in their own (humorous) ways. Gakuto was committed to the idea that Romin was actually torn up inside and wanted to free her (his narration of her supposed plight was hysterical since he was so off the mark!), Rook was more trigger over being called a ‘fool’, and Yuga knew exactly what was going on from the start.

And I have to say, was the most endearing part of the episode. Once again, Yuga showed us why he is the most precious cinnamon roll of 2020. His gift to Romin was entirely crafted with all her likes in mind. The guitar was more than just a duel-disk, it even had a hidden snack-slot where he had stored a chocolate bar earlier. It was so cute when he had quickly realized the best way to snap her out of this was to get food to her, he kept on trying to let her know to click the button. Honestly I was half expecting him to run to the other side of the stage to do it, but I’m actually glad she ended up hitting it by accident only after she had turned the tables on Gakuto and defeated him.

I also loved that Yuga just boldly confronted her about what Roa is holding against her. Earlier on he mentioned how he didn’t like that and just wants her to be free. When he concluded Roa blackmailed her, oh my gosh, I wondered what was going through his his head because he was smiling about it. Or rather more importantly, now that he knows the situation, beyond trying to help Romin, does he still think Rush Duels would be fine in Roa’s hands even if he were to lose? There seems to be a bit more at stake now with whatever Roa is holding against Romin. But given how they managed to spoof this entire event, I would be genuinely surprised if it were to turn into something more serious such as threatening to crush her dreams as a guitarist. We do see her looking sad in the Opening Theme, so if it’s not about spying on the boys who she has become close to, then it might have something to do with that (which would probably be the more ‘realistic’ approach).

Next week, looks like Mimi is going to jump on the stage or something (I mean, it has to be her, who else in Goha is that tiny?) Though it will be interesting to see whether Roa actually has ties to Goha after-all, but we’ll see. It’s easy to forget that he had mentioned about the Legendary Duelist last week since it wasn’t touched on at all this episode.


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  1. Kazanova

    Speaking of which, there are several times in previous episodes Romin was shown having some snacks with her. Those moments must be some foreshadowing for this. Romin has become a rather unique heroine compared to other YGO heroines before her. It’s refreshing to see this side of Romin and her monsters are cool too (^_^)

    Yuga is officially my second favorite cinnamon roll (Yuya is still number 1 for me)! How sweet of him to give so much consideration for Romin before giving the guitar. And for an elementary school boy, he’s sure smarter and sharper than some YGO protagonists who are older than him. Go, Yuga! You must win, Yuga! Defeat Roa, Yuga!

    Considering the many comical twists so far, I won’t expect whatever Roa is threatening Romin with a very serious matter. Hopefuly, SEVENS can surpass my expectation on this.

    1. Eva

      They have done a good job setting the stage for later developments, which makes me excited to see how the mystery behind the relic will unfold.

      Hahaha of all the YGO characters, I agree that Yuuya still holds the number 1 slot for the favorite cinnamon roll, but Yuga definitely making himself a real contender hahaha! HE”S SO PRECIOUS I CAN’T!!!! I would love to see him troll Roa to get him back, I would like to think that smile means “im going to end his whole career” but I’d be getting ahead of myself (still funny to imagine nonetheless). GET HIM YUGA!

      And yeah that’s why I would be genuinely surprised if it does end up being something serious.

  2. Silent Protagonist

    I knew going into this episode that Romin was going to take the win, since Roa vs Yuga still has to happen. I even suspected the whole time that Romin was a dueling powerhouse. You know what I didn’t expect? A snickers joke.

    “You’re not you when you’re hungry. Grab a snickers… or a non-descript chocolate bar because this show is enough of an advertisement.”

    Jokes aside. Both duelists surprised me today. Starting with Gakuto’s Yameruler. His effect only lasts the turn he’s played so when I first saw him, I didn’t think much of it. Gakuto’s ability to bounce (return to hand) Yameruler to play him over and over again shows tru understanding of his cards.

    Its a real shame then that Romin, much like Yuga, had an out for Yameruler. On top of a new trump card no less. Fun Fact: This gimmick of manipulating your own life points to activate effects is nothing new for Psychic type monsters, which Romin’s deck is full of.

  3. Eva

    Notice: Episode 12 entry will be released in a double-post next week.

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