Man… I’ve missed 7 Digimon posts due to my injury. Big thanks to Nikolita for helping me out in my time of need. But I’m back and ready to get back into this world and story because I heard it has been pretty exciting while I was gone. A lot to catch up on, but shouldn’t be a problem. Looks like Taichi’s group is getting the spotlight this episode and as soon as Koshiro’s tablet just ceased to work, I knew it was going to be his episode.

The group carries on with their mission as they find themselves wandering into a maze of sorts. I feel like it was a missed opportunity to have more of those mirror gems, but I digress. A pack of Kuwagamon attack, severely outnumbering and outpowering the group. Whenever I see Kuwagamon, I always remember it as the first “boss” in the original series so it was nice to see it make an appearance. I’m just sad it doesn’t make dinosaur noises anymore… unless that was just a dub thing.

Since it was a Koshiro episode, of course the enemy this time would be set up to be intelligent fighters and because of that, the kids weren’t going to get past them using brute strength this time. Though considering what transpired in this episode, Mimi and Taichi totally could have had Greymon and Togemon evolve into their ultimate stages immediately when things started to overwhelm them. But then that would detract from Koshiro’s development and have Kabuterimon evolve. Unfortunately, it made the episode feel kind of forced since Greymon ends up evolving into Metalgreymon anyways to take out the Kuwagamon. Unless they can’t do it all the time, but nothing yet has made me believe there is a limit so far (unless I’m forgetting something) so the situation felt a bit contrived, but that’s only a nitpick.

The situation turns pretty bad when not only where they outnumbered, but they get lured into freaking Oukuwamon (who I used to have a little figurine of). And because I forgot that both Greymon and Togemon could evolve to the next stage, the situation felt pretty hopeless because it didn’t seem like they were getting anywhere in the fight.

Koshiro has depended so heavily on his tablet and the net for information, he seemed almost helpless without it. Or at least that’s what he thinks. It was pretty sad to see that Koshiro felt like his worth was solely in analyzing data that is given to him, not realizing that the data would mean absolutely nothing if it weren’t for his intelligence. So I’m thankful that Kabuterimon was able to help him realize that it isn’t the tablet that makes him amazing, but his brain and ability to solve the situations in front of him. And it felt like such a great character moment for Koshiro when he closed his tablet, relying on himself rather than data that was given to him. It almost seems silly for Koshiro to forget that it was ultimately him who takes from the data, but he’s a kid, so I’ll give him a pass.

I’m not sure if Tentomon/Kabuterimon had this much personality in the first series, but I am really enjoying his character. Especially when he noticed how helpless Koshiro was feeling without the use of his tablet and was the one to snap him out of his mental blockage. Not only that, but he just seems to exhibit quirks of enjoying a good fight (that pose he does before he attacks Oukuwamon was adorable) and is just so supportive of Koshiro, even carefully handing his tablet back to him even if he doesn’t necessarily need it to be useful. Also I love that he always makes sure to protect Koshiro when things are bad. Such as when he’s flying through the maze and he has a protective hand over Koshiro. Just that little detail makes me love their relationship just a bit more.

With the help of a newly evolved Atlurkabuterimon and Koshiro’s plan to confuse the Kuwagamon using the mirror-like stones, they were able to defeat Oukuwamon and the Kuwagamon, showing that Koshiro can still be a huge asset even without his tablet. And with that, the group made it out of the maze and I had a feeling the maze may have been the thing to be messing with Koshiro’s tablet’s connection. But who knows. I think Koshiro and Tentomon have to be one of my favorite human, digimon duo so far with Mimi and Palmon right behind them. Their friendship is just so cute and Tentomon is just such a great support and guide.

But man, they really did my man Joe DIRTY this series. I feel like he’s trying way too hard to take up the leadership role and just absolutely failing at it. I should rewatch the original series, but I don’t remember him being that… obnoxious about the fact he’s the oldest. More like he used his stance on being the oldest to try and look after everyone, not trying to be a leader, so not sure what’s going on with him. But I’m sure he’ll have more growth next episode since he’s the only one who hasn’t gotten his partner to the Ultimate stage yet.

It also looks like the human world isn’t faring very well considering the amount of accidents that have been occurring. And if I were one of those people trapped in an elevator… I would be freaking the heck out. The stakes are being raised with each passing moment and it’s kind of scary to think how many people are in danger while everything is shutting down around them.

AND CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THE NEW ENDING??? IT IS SO FREAKING CUTE I CAN’T. From the bouncy character animations to the adorable way they depict each kid interacting with their Digimon is just fantastic. The whole ending just screams fun and adorable and I love it. Especially since MY BOY TAKERU MAY MAKE AN APPEARANCE SOON. Where is he??? What has he been doing??? We know he’s here somewhere since there were seven lights that entered the Digital World back in episode 3 but he has yet to make himself known. The ending makes it seem like he’s following the other kids if not having a little adventure on his own so he may not join the others quite yet. And if Yamato knew his baby brother was here, he’s bound to throw a worried fit. Either way, I look forward to seeing this little baby soon.


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