Wow! This episode completely escalated at the end, and my heart hurts because of Cho-san. There were definitely death flags for this guy but it doesn’t make it hurt less. For a man that barely got some spotlight just a few episodes ago, he really stood out and was such an interesting character.

The episode didn’t ramp up until the end, but the investigations and events leading up until the end was still all very interesting. It does seem that Shigemaru was the one that killed Sayuri as Daisuke even saw it himself. I’m glad the show decided to show some flashbacks like these, the traumatic memories while also the happy memories Daisuke had with his parents. Daisuke hasn’t been very vocal about his own feelings in all this as he’s been busy trying to uncover this mystery, but we at least got to see some insight into how he’s processing things. His eyes are on his goal, but it says a lot that even when he’s slowly getting closer he recounts certain memories, such as the villa he shared fun memories being the third laboratory. The fact that he’s so obsessed with figuring out his mystery shows how much he cares about whatever happened with his family. Now, how will he deal with the deaths at the end since it was partly his fault?

There’s some weirdness everywhere and there’s not much to guess, except maybe one thing? The investigation is moving along and Haru was able to push things along a little bit when he made Daisuke and Suzue look into one of the family photos, where they realized that the third laboratory is in the villa in the mountain, which turns out to be true. Takei supposedly didn’t know anything, and sadly we won’t know because of his death at the end. He didn’t really give any information and he said he didn’t know a thing, but I have a feeling he knew at least something. He knew he was going to be killed so it means there was definitely something.

Another person who I think may know something is Grandma Kambe. I found her behavior to be strange in the flashback when Cho and Takei spoke with her, and she continues to be suspicious when she won’t answer a single question Daisuke asks. We know that Shigemaru and Sayuri had a struggling marriage, probably to do with whatever this adollium is, she left the house with Daisuke and one night he came over and killed her. There definitely has to be more to this story, especially when we find out that Shigemaru is actually alive. Granny Kambe must know the reason for the murder and she probably knows that Shigemaru is alive. How much could she possibly know?

I always found Shigemaru’s supposed “suicide” to be bullshit from the start, so I’m not surprised that he’s still alive and kicking. One thing about the ending I thought was strange was that while both Cho and Takei were killed, in a very bloody battle, Suzue was left with just a bump on her head. Now, I could be reading too much into this but could it be that Suzue is also in on this? The OP always painted Suzue to be this femme fatale type of character, even though she hasn’t really done much of anything so far. In the OP she’s holding the same type of kitchen knife that Shigemaru held at the end. Why would he killed Cho and Takei but leave Suzue alive? There could be some betrayal to be had here! Or…it was simply the reason that Suzue is his family and he didn’t want to kill her? I find that hard to believe because he was easily able to kill his own wife, so it doesn’t add up. We do know that Suzue was having trouble with HEUSC and took precaution with it when she guessed that it was keeping tight surveillance on them but I don’t know.

Things are still too weird and I’m not quite sure what to think!


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