KIRO I DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU BUT SWEETIE I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE ALIVE BEING THE HEROINE’S GUARDIAN ANGEL! AND YOUR NEW LOOK IS SO BADASS I AM HERE FOR IT!!! (Also I neglected to mention this last week, but I’m not sure why his voice change, but i don’t mind it because it’s hot).

LOOK AT HIM!!!!!!!!!

Then we have Gavin who is severely wounded, pursued by his former colleagues who want to kill him off just because he is an Evolver (those bastards!!!!), but just when he goes down, his father shows up and then we later find him in this test tube and I AM VERY CONCERNED. I don’t know if they are really saving him at this point, but it kind of looks like they are going to turn him into a weapon to use against either the World of Black Swan, I don’t know, but geh for better or worse, he’s in the military’s hands now. Tch, the nerve his father has to say now Gavin’s existence has a reason to exist.

Meanwhile shit was hitting the fan, Victor was cast into a time-traveling adventure ten years into the future. He told the Heroine about some of the things he had seen then, but honestly considering we were given a very limited amount of information I am taking his words with a grain of salt. Of course there were some points that we know were true, such as a “peaceful” future, we saw that much when he saw his future self driving down the streets, but the main thing that he had deliberately left out (and likely to have made up the part about her success story) was how she was nowhere to be found. It was a discovery made when he was trying to find a future where they don’t lose her, however each and every time, she disappears as though she never existed to begin with. That’s why he is trying hard in the present to change their future.

But not only did he get to see things, but he was also able to undergo some handy-dandy training to take control of his powers and level up his skill-set thanks to a mysterious mentor who handed him this pocket-watch. (I saw you man!) Thanks to that he was able to gain the experience he is somewhat better equipped for him to dive into riskier and deeper investigations and the fights ahead. At the same time, we also go a glimpse at the Heroine’s powers, which took shape in a more vivid and dramatic way when Hades attacked. It was enough to ward him off, but we still don’t really understand what it is besides it just being “light” powers to counter Hades’ darkness. (Worth to also mention it came from her third eye as well.) We did see something similar, though not to that extent when she fought against sand-boy, only that caused his powers to go out of control. It will be interesting to see how her powers will take shape, especially since she is determined to put an end to Black Swan’s plans. The future Victor is trying to change is a difficult one when she considers herself responsible (as the one who Black Swan has been using to push their agenda) to put a stop an end to this.

Apart from that, we finally got a full rundown of Black Swan’s plans. And if I understood it correctly: Hades and Lucien (Ares) both had their own respective ways of pursuing the evolution by utilizing the Queen’s genes which can cause EVOLS to evolve. The data from her unique brain waves allowed them to create electromagnetic wave to lead the human race to evolution. Originally this prototype system was created by Lucien to help awaken her as Queen, but it somewhat failed or at least didn’t make it happen as quickly as Black Swan wanted it to be. So instead, Hades decides to take the strategy and apply it on a large scale by spreading special sleeping gas dispersed throughout Loveland City, only affects those who aren’t EVOLVERS. As result there is a crisis where many people between their teens to late thirties are in a comatose state, trapped in a dream that will decide whether they live or die. The purpose of these dreams are to help them awaken their powers, but if they are not compatible, their powers will destroy them and they will die. Both the Heroine and Victor witnessed exactly that today when they snuck into the Cognitive Psychology Association to obtain information on Black Swan’s plans. That’s how the culling will occur if nobody finds a way to awaken the patients from their comatose (something which Victor is taking charge of doing with the powers as CEO of LFC).

Next week is the finale and it’s time for the confrontation against Black Swan! This series has been such a fun one, so here’s to hoping we have a great end!

PS: Don’t mind me, I’m just sobbing over the feels of Heroine carrying Lucien’s lucky pen. Now they both are carrying each others’ charms [SOBS]


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