Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s Episode 18 & 19

What did I say? Godwin would find a way to drag her into it, and what better way to do it than to make abrupt announcement that  those who lost in the first round: they will be given a second chance to compete? Unfortunately for the the twins, they didn’t have time to make the switch, nor would their disguise have been useful anymore since Godwin had been able to pin-point who is who.

Episode 18 gave us some background on why Godwin had suspicions of Luca being a Signer in the first place. It was reveal that eight years ago, when Luca was in a middle of a duel, she had suddenly fallen unconscious and didn’t wake for an entire month. And when she woke up, she claimed she had visited the Spirit World of Duel Monsters. Mysteriously, despite Luca having been conscious the entire time she had been unresponsive, neither of them had any memory of the incident.

In order to jog her memory, Godwin had Professor Frank tasked to “escort” Luca back to the Spirit World. It was quite disturbing to watch considering not only the dude is extremely creepy but a nutcase. Let’s be real: this was a psychological attack against a child. All he did was take advantage of Godwin’s orders to put Luca to the test so he would be able to mess with the Spirit World.

Episode 19 revealed more details about the forgotten promise, and Lua’s role as his sister’s anchor to their world. Without him, Luca would have ended up staying in the Spirit World, and possibly wouldn’t have been able to escape from it.

I mean, say what you want, but we need to recognize that Ancient Fairy Dragon did some questionable things herself. Starting with dumping all this information on a child how she is the savior of their world, and to protect them she wanted her to live with them so the goodness in her soul would repel the evil. Sheesh! You can’t ask of that from a child! The worst part is that at the time, Luca was already experiencing loneliness of her parents being busy with work and she felt like her brother was only thinking about himself. However despite her interest to stick around, Luca was too scared to protect them all by herself, which is completely understandable because she was so young! Who wouldn’t be terrified by the responsibility to protect an entire world from an evil that threatens it?! So when Lua called out to her, she grabbed that lifeline and tried to forget about them– and to her credit, she did.

With how things were unfolding this episode, I think a lot of us had expected Ancient Fairy Dragon to be released from the seal (not that it stopped her from almost killing Frank. Let’s be real, had Luca not intervened, he would’ve been good as dead). However it is going to take a bit more than that when we now know her card is not in Luca’s hands, but in fact in somebody else’s possession. Ancient Fairy Dragon had also tried to tell Luca who/what was responsible for sealing her in the first place, but we didn’t get to hear it.

It was also unsurprising to see the duel had ended as a draw. At this point, Luca has no further purpose to participate in the tournament, nor did she even want to in the first place. Godwin accomplished what he had set out to do: Confirm she was one of the five signers he is looking for. Yusei was also able to confirm it with his own eyes when he noticed something was amiss and immediately went to investigate. And I am glad he went so that Luca wouldn’t be completely alone when she returned. That being said, I thought it was also charming of her to jump out of his arms when he was carrying her out to prove she’s okay.

As for Lua, he has no memory of the incident. Instead he and the others thought he just had a power snooze.

Next time, Bommer VS Yusei. Unless I have a lot to say for that episode, there’s a high chance I am going to release it as a double post. So don’t be too surprised if it doesn’t come out next week. I’ll leave a notice as per usual if that is what it comes down to.


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2 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s Episode 18 & 19

  1. That Professor guy was always one of the creepier characters to only show up in one story. I doubt he realistically ever could have shown up again, but who’d want him to?

    As for what’s next…yeah, Godwin(a) does not get NEARLY enough credit as one of the most truly reprehensible characters this franchise has ever produced.

    1. I agree Godwin is arguably one of the best, and most despicable antagonist we have seen come out of the YGO series.

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