The God of High School – Episode 11

I’m…. Impressed that it took this much for the God of High School to be over. I mean, we have creatures coming down from the sky supposedly coming to wreak havoc and a huge religious battle going on outside, but how are we only stopping now? Can you imagine just being an attendee at the tournament having literally no clue what’s going on outside, or even in the medical facilities? Like you just watched some dudes battle it out with fire and a whole storm cloud generate in the stadium, how could it possibly get more intense than that?

This episode was a roller-coaster, but what else is new. And even now I’m still coming away from the episode with more questions than answers, but I’m okay with that because the fights were a lot of fun. Personally, I don’t think they are my favorite fight thus far, but things really did get intense and I’m happy with them. I want to understand the relationship between Ilpyo and the Fox because it seems to be a different one than others with their charyeok. Of course, it may just feel that way because Ilpyo is a character that we’ve gotten a solid amount of development on. But the relationship he had while it was activated seems much different than those we’ve seen before, especially with the flicker between himself and the Fox. And on that note, I’m pretty sure Mori’s situation is different as well because he doesn’t seem to make a bond with anyone, he just seems super op and  things kind of work out for him in the end. Plus, he can mimic other people’s moves so I don’t really think he would actually get a Charyeok. But that doesn’t change the fact that when both he and Ilpyo were battling it out (whether it was actually them or not) it was pretty intense!! If anything, I was more bummed out that it had ended rather than who came out as a victor!

All around, it was a pretty solid fight and really satisfied my desire for just seeing some cool fighting. You know, Mori’s grandfather is still missing and it’s becoming hell on earth outside, but at least the fights are enjoyable and it seems like we’re able to make new friends or find some new information through a good solid punch so cheers to that. As for the second part of the episode, I’m still trying to collect how I feel, so I apologize for the rambling.

Whatever awakened in Mori seems to be an… unexpected development in Mujin’s plan. They need the “Tiger Cub” which is the key to something, but that turns out to be a Fox instead and not actually our Main Character. And then you have Mori, calling upon, or finding some power that is powerful enough to take down the Fox… which raises the question of who’s side needs to claim that power first? But even then, whatever awoke caused some problems for the guy who got absolutely wrecked by Jegal Taek (I’m sorry I’ve forgotten his name). And honestly!! I feel bad for the guy and the maid it’s been a pretty rough tournament for both of them! First, you get impaled and straight up eaten by a shark and end up in a medical facility barely hanging on to your life. Then, either your charyeok or something triggering it takes over a portion of your body. And with all of that happening, you’re still barely holding on to what sanity you have left while whatever is controlling you is causing a lot of destruction (either on purpose or for self-preservation). You consume your maid, but end up throwing them back up, alive, and they are still worried about you, but then!! you get obliterated while she watches!! Like there have been a lot of intense things that have happened in this anime, but I think this whole portion of the episode was brutal. As upset as I was about Sim, at least they didn’t show the struggle!

And that doesn’t even begin to cover what Ilpyo’s going through after they take down the other poor guy. He gets his teammates back, but with the WORST possible outcome (aside from death) happening to his teammates. I’m glad they gave us that backstory in last week’s episode, it really made the moment of the two teammates realizing they were missing limbs and Ilpyo’s subsequent reaction a lot more impactful. Everyone is just…. really not having a good time right now…….

I’m not sure where we’ll pick up next week, but I have a feeling these final upcoming episodes won’t hold back any punches. I’m thoroughly expecting a great fight and hopefully a happy ending.


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3 thoughts on “The God of High School – Episode 11

  1. So they went and changed up the events in the original. They’ve been condensing and changing things a little fit the time format, and that was fine up until now since it wouldn’t change the outcome…. but the anime’s missing a lot with this episode.
    I’m not saying what was changed, but the content covered in this episode was the most obvious.

    It’s not really a good thing, because it changed the direction of the story and likelihood of an original ending just went up. Not sure if I want to stick with it to the end…

    1. When I first started watching the series, I would definitely pop in and and read the Webtoon chapters that were covered, but I stopped doing it after 2 or 3 weeks, because of how much content was condensed. I figured I would enjoy it more if I held off on reading the rest of it until we reached the anime ending.

      It really seems like they’re rushing towards an ending, especially in this episode. Everything’s been super fast paced so far, but even though I don’t know what’s going on …. it does feel like they cut some pretty big corners. If you don’t mind me asking, how significant do think the story will change? Do you think there’s there’s a possibility they’ll be able to circle back to the original story? Or do you think they’ve peeled far enough away that the next two episodes are likely to be entirely original?

      1. I have no idea how the final episode will turn out as they somehow managed to stay on track with today’s episode to finish with the webtoon ending of Arc 1, but I’m not to enthusiastic about how they changed the outcome of certain events to alter the timeline from the webtoon. Sure, having a different timeline will keep people interested in case if they get bored since they know what’ll happen next. However, this just results in weaker plot and character development and breaks the pace and flow the webtoon had. In fact, it make sense to cut villains’ scenes since all the Big Bads have been introduced to be shady or mysterious. But instead they went and changed developments on Mori’s side.

        From the start, 13 episodes WAS too little to squeeze in the entire Arc 1 of the webtoon. It would actually have been better for them to just end the series with 12 episodes and with Ilpyo vs Mori’s team fight and keep interest high for a possible Season 2 or split couer since they already introduced so many villains. If they managed to stick with the webtoon’s version and not provide an original ending…. I don’t know… if this has a better chance than Tower of God to come back, well the plot and character developments will continue to stay weak… like for example what was the purpose of revealing larger hints of Mori’s true identity if today’s episode wasn’t going to really focus on that? Because I can definitely tell you this huge hint didn’t exist in the webtoon.
        Tbh, the webtoon does get weaker and more confusing in my opinion later on, but this entire season didn’t create a good impression for those who never heard of God of High School….. and I don’t think animes were supposed to give out terrible impressions…

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