Shine Post – Episode 9

And so TINGS becomes a group of 5 in an honest effort to get Haru to give it her all. She's truly a powerhouse, but the rest of the group is ready and willing to keep up with her. Hopefully, this is truly the start of her idol career and she can finally shine on the stage without any worry or limitations!

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Ao Ashi – Episode 19

They are really hyping up this Musashino vs Esperion match and I just really want them to play! Please take all this frustration and fighting out on the field because this build-up is killing me!

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Ao Ashi – Episode 17

Picking up where we left off last week, Kaneda is here and he's pushing all of the buttons. . I have a feeling that Tachibana is going to snap soon, but first... we have to deal with Aoi.

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