Episode 7

Listen. I really thought WIND BREAKER would be an anime that was just a good time to watch. A good ole fashion delinquent fighting other delinquent shows. And yet here I am. Emotional.

Really, I should have seen this coming with the previous fight between Hiiragi and Kouta. They had some background together that they needed to work though and ultimately had a good conclusion (granted Kouta is still unconscious). The two other fights beforehand were more what I was going to expect – a way to show off Bofurin’s strengths against Shishitoren. And in some ways that’s still what they are doing, but with giving us so much more. Sakura and Togame are up against each other this time and the two of them appear to not have anything in common other than the fact that they swapped words that made the other angry. Granted, we quickly find out that Togame was more irritated by the words Sakura said, rather than understanding why it was said.

But man,,, this episode went in a way I never expected. I was slightly surprised when Togame went to beat up and skin the first two fighters after it came to light what they did. Only because I was led to believe that Shishitoren was a group of people who only cared about displaying their strength. That they were bullies and didn’t actually care about anything. Turns out, that Shishitoren does have a little bit of standards… or rather, Togame is still trying to hold on to some. Choji has very clearly left the sphere of caring for the group, but his right hand is here for him. He wants to make this a group that will let Choji thrive… and somehow, in wanting to do that, Shishitoren and Choji have become nothing but shells of themselves. 

The second half of the episode focuses more on the relationship between Togame and Choji from the beginning. It shows the change in ideals and how desperately one wants to hold on to the other. Though, it seems like Choji no longer cares to keep Togame around…. Originally, Shishitoren seemed a little bit more in line with Bofurin – in the sense that there was more comradery among the members. Yeah, they were basically a delinquent gang, but they all looked out for each other. They’d go and fight people who were causing trouble and ultimately speak highly and enjoy the company of those around them. Now, it’s just a collection of bullies who only seem to care about holding the name in order to scare other people. They prey on the weak because they can get away with it. Can you believe this all happened because Choji misunderstood what it meant to be strong? To be strong is to be free and therefore the strongest is the most free. And yet, for him it became isolating and his downfall. 

I can only imagine how terrible this all must have been for Togame. Choji is the one he is the closest to – Choji was the reason he could be with everyone else and calls him the sun. And yet when that sun became the leader, he became shrouded in darkness. Togame wanted to push him to be the leader. But he didn’t know what that would mean for their reality. This break that Choji has is ultimately what turns Shishitoren into what it is today. He no longer cares about those in the group. If they lose, they are worthless to him. He wants everyone to be free and the only way to do that is to make them stronger – but stronger alone. 

Now, I’m going to put on my enstars hat for a minute (i’m sorry everyone), but Togame and Keito share a voice actor and man, this reminds me a lot of war era Keito and Eichi. Especially when Togame said that he would do the skinning. That he would remove those who were unworthy. I can only assume that was a way to not destroy Choji even more. And all the while, he still has the hope that his sun will come back. I just! MAN! TOGAME. I HOPE YOU CAN BREAK BACK THROUGH TO THE CHOJI YOU LOVED. I REALLY HOPE YOU HAVE A HAPPY ENDING.  

Episode 8

Ahahaha…ha looks like Togame alone is not enough to break through to Choji. I still hope that you have the happy ending you want, Togame! But it really does look like we have to go through Umemiya before any change can happen. 

This entry is going to be short, because I feel like everything that can be said was already said in the above episode entry – especially in regards to Togame and Choji.  But they really hit home just how impactful this change was for Togame and his regrets surrounding it. He doesn’t believe in what Choji is doing and yet he still continues to stay by his side. Getting into an altercation with Bofurin was his Hail Mary, a means for change to potentially happen. It just sucks that he wasn’t able to bring out that change himself. 

But wow! wow! wow! The fight choreography once he let down his hair and started fighting Sakura for good, was fantastic! This was a good fight between two people who are actually enjoying it. It really shows off how much Togame has been holding in. Sakura has always been here for a good fight. He doesn’t want to fight lame people unless it is to put them in their place – he’s a good kid at the end of the day. And this is a true fight for him, aside from that final punch. Togame on the other hand, is finally acknowledging Sakura as an opponent, fighting for real, and then taking a final blow as, what I can assume, to be atonement. He recognizes that the day that Choji snapped, was the day he should have fought back and stopped him. And now, everything is so far gone. 

I wish. I wish Togame could have been the one to change Choji’s mind, but we still have to see just how strong Umemiya actually is – and part of me thinks he might not be the most physically strong, but has enough mental and physical strength to lead Bofurin. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a conversation about what it means to be free. Because from my perspective, it seems like Choji just wants to have fun – whereas Umemiya’s happiness and freedom comes from taking care of those around him. He has people to care for and people that care for him – Choji… while it does seem like Togame is in his court… has essentially pushed everyone away. 

Quite frankly I need someone to punch Choji so hard that it knocks some sense into him. I need someone to punch him so he can recognize what he’s done. Which I’m assuming does end up happening in the next episode (I’m sorry, I am behind on the episodes, but I saw one clip floating around on the bird website and I can’t wait to watch it). I am excited to see what Umemiya’s conversation will be and what will come out of it. Perhaps in one ending, Kouta and Togame join Bofurin? In another, Shishitoren is reformed? Or perhaps, we watch its downfall. 

Whatever the result is, I am looking forward to it !!!


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