Now that we’ve managed to become Clayton’s drudge, we can start digging into the case of Derrick Arden. It’s just unfortunate that no one seems to want to help us – or rather, no one seems interested in investigating things further. 

I’ll be honest, even though this was a full episode, I don’t feel like there is much to talk about. We spent it either, sitting on the swan gazebo watching Greenhill try to maintain a hellish position while Violet tricked him into being a muse. Most of this is showing the Prefect’s more goofy sides as we are now in their protected space (plus we get to see that Joanne became Redmond’s drudge, good for him!). We learn a little bit more about the 4th of July tournament and what all the houses get out of it for winning. But it’s really not our priority right now. Ciel could care less about the outcome of this match – unless it manages to benefit him in the future. I’m sure we’ll get that info soon, but for now, he’s just going to let everyone else duke it out. Otherwise, it’s just banter between all the boys. 

That is, until we bring up the name Derrick Arden. It quickly becomes apparent that the P4 are triggered by that name, indicating that there’s something they don’t want others to know. However, all their drudges seem completely unaware of what might be going on. To them, he’s just some guy that had to transfer houses and they don’t question beyond it. Though, Cheslock also seems unphased by this discussion despite being a member of the house Arden transferred into. Still, reactions can only tell us they weren’t expecting anyone to utter that name and the prefects are arguably stressed by this. Why? Well we’ll just have to wait and see, but for now we just know this decision is made by the headmaster. 

It’s made by the headmaster and that decision is absolute. 

That’s the only information we’re able to get out of anyone. Well, we actually get a little bit more. Edward lets us know that a few other students were transferred into the same house around the same time, but again he doesn’t question why the change was made. It’s actually thanks to our MVP McMillan that we actually get to learn any of their names. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any information beyond the names for us – but good news we have someone masquerading as a teacher on our side so we should be able to pull some records… right? Then, of course, we try another strategy which is to find out more about Arden himself. Again, we run into the challenge that no one actually knows what he excels at. Stories are not lining up and if he were really as talented at all of those things like he is made out to be, you’d think he’d be more fawned over by the school. But again, the headmaster made the decision so naturally there is no reason to ask any more questions. 

Even the teacher’s lack any useful information. Most people don’t seem phased by what happened to this boy or the fact that none of them know what is happening with him. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Oh well, they’ve got more important things to think about. Like the tournament. Or maybe the fire that Ciel and Sebastian lit at the Violet Wolf house. Just regular school things. 


Episode 5

Please excuse me for a moment, before I dive into this episode – LIZZIE’S HERE!! LIZZIE’S HERE! HI LIZZIE! I MISSED YOU! I HOPE YOU GET TO DO COOL THINGS THIS SEASON!! This is especially exciting for me because I’m also re-watching Book of Circus alongside the new arc, and she also just appeared. In short, I’m winning!

Thank you for taking that little detour with me. I just get very excited whenever she’s involved and it seems like we’re going to see more of her in the coming episodes. 

Alright! Speaking of this episode we’ve accomplished two things! 1) identified that there is something even more suspicious going on in the Violet Wolf house and 2) managed to get the most unathletic boy a spot on the cricket team. Let’s tackle the first item. At the end of last week, Ciel and Sebastian set fire to the Violet Wolf house in an attempt to lay eyes on all the boys who transferred in. Though it quickly becomes apparent that the boy’s souls aren’t anywhere to be found. So now things are getting even more suspicious. Around the school everyone only knows that they were moved to the house, sure these students haven’t been coming to class or anything, but that’s none of their business. Naturally this is an unfortunate development for Ciel as now he has to figure out what exactly happened to these kids. Surely, students who just up and left would have made more of a scene – after all, there should have been more opportunity for students to enroll if that were the case. Given how hush hush the P4 is about even mentioning the names and how Gregory Violet was so unwilling to let others near his house makes it seem like something much more sinister is happening on Weston’s grounds. I wonder if they will ever address the elephant in the room (even if Soma got them banned) or if we’re going to have to dig up the dirty secrets ourselves. 

But first we have some other priorities. June 4th is coming up and the whole school goes up against each other in a game of cricket. Not only is this an incredibly important day for the school and its traditions – it’s more important to Ciel and Sebastian as it means a potential invite to the Midnight Tea Party. The biggest hurdle for this event is to see if Ciel can get a spot on the team since he is notably unathletic. Honestly, if I was a team captain I would probably put him on the bottom of my choices – especially if I didn’t know he had a demon butler that can just make things easier for him. Sorry Ciel, you may be good at the manipulating thing but I would take literally anyone else in the cast over you. But! It’s not like any of that matters since Sebast– or rather, Mister Michaelis is able to put in a good word for the earl and he gets a spot like that. Easy peasy. 

And so we’re brought to the welcome ceremony before the big event. While I don’t know if much of note happened, I did like seeing the house personalities as they were introduced. Green displays power and marches in like knights, Red is the clear fan favorite among the ladies – I’d call them the jack of all trades, Purple comes in as the tricksters, and finally Blue with intelligence and strategy. It’s pretty clear who the fan favorites are, but if we’re going strictly on their uniform, I’d vote for the blue house. But! We’re going to need more than style to actually make an impact. So best of luck to Ciel for trying to get the attention of the headmaster when there’s so much going on

I said that nothing of note happened at this opening ceremony, but our cast expands with the audience members. Some with more of a warm welcome than others. We get to meet all of Bluewer’s sisters, who, I don’t know how important they’ll be to the story, but we finally get to see them! We also find out that Soma is playing for the Scarlet Fox house and that Viscount Druitt is both related to Edgar and an alumni of the school. I don’t think he poses much of a threat in the grand scheme of things, just that he’ll give Ciel all sorts of heebie-jeebies. And then of course we have Lizzie! Lizzie’s here to cheer on her brother, but more importantly Ciel. And that also means the rest of the Midford family is here. Again, I don’t remember exactly what they add, but at least Mama Midford is putting the pressure on Sebastian. 

And so the big event is coming! We’ve got to root for Ciel to do something exciting so he can get an invitation, but I’m sure it will be a fun game! 



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